Carino’s Italian Grill Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Carino's Italian Grill

How to Get a Job at Carino's Italian Grill

Applicants must submit all necessary Carino's Italian Grill employment forms online or at a desired location. Most job hopefuls receive contact from a manager within a day or two of submission. Managers usually schedule and conduct short job interviews with applicants onsite, although some applicants immediately receive employment offers after the interview.

Carino's Interview Questions

Typical interview questions screen for information about past employment, applicable skills, and availability to work. The hiring process for certain positions may require applicants to pass criminal background checks and a drug screening. Some questions often job hopefuls face include: "Have you worked in the restaurant industry before?", "How do you function in a hectic environment?" and "Are you available to working nights and weekends, especially starting out?" The restaurant industry experiences a high turnover rate, and hiring managers often ask questions like, "If hired, how long do you plan to work here?" to gauge genuine interest in the job. Hiring managers may pose scenarios common to the food service industry to determine customer service skills.

How to Dress

Carino's employees must report to work looking clean and well-kempt. Applicants should align themselves with health standards and appearance requirements by dressing professionally to each job interview.

Punctuality and Behavior

Applicants should also demonstrate punctuality by arriving a few minutes before the scheduled time. Interviewees should remain confident throughout the Carino's hiring process, answering inquiries candidly and to the best of their ability. Maintain a normal level of eye contact during the meeting and show respect for the hiring manager by referring to personnel as "sir" or "ma'am" unless stated otherwise. End the hiring meeting with a firm handshake, and follow up within a few days to check on hiring status if the interviewer does not give a final employment determination.

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    On average, how much(in tips) do you make in one night?
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