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Carl’s Jr. represents the perfect opportunity to locate meaningful employment in the fast food industry. Workers may find fast food jobs as both part-time and full-time employees in management and entry-level capacities.

Facts About Working at Carl's Jr.

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Carl's Jr?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Crew Member, Cook, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Carl’s Jr. Job Opportunities

The fast food establishment maintains widespread operations across the American West and Southwest as well as several countries throughout much of the world, including Russia, China, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. Applicants may find work with room for professional growth in fun and fast-paced settings at any of the more than 1,300 locations.

Job seekers 16 and over in search of restaurant experience should fill out an application form immediately. Carl’s Jr. jobs feature competitive base pay, generous salary options, paid training opportunities, flexible work schedules, and an exciting work environment providing career advancement potential. Workers must possess exceptional customer service skills, as the fast food chain entertains thousands of customers daily. The ability to handle high-stress situations and to maintain efficient work ethics also prove necessary to gain employment.

Entry-level job opportunities available at Carl’s Jr. locations include crew person positions. The restaurant chain also needs to hire managers to motivate staff and hire new employees. All positions typically feature aspects of food prep and basic sanitation. Managerial positions also involve various administrative responsibilities. Each location staffs between six and a dozen associates to maintain operations. Complete the necessary hiring forms to learn more about availabilities and secure employment with a prominent fast food chain today.

Carl’s Jr. Employment and Pay Scales

The fast food industry provides thousands of job opportunities to entry-level employment hopefuls and experienced professionals alike every year. Carl’s Jr. offers part-time and full-time schedules in flexible environments conducive to personal and professional growth. Applicants 16 and older may put in applications for the following positions:

Crew Person

An entry-level job title, crew persons greet customers, take orders, prepare food, organize work stations, and ensure customer satisfaction. The international fast food chain needs to hire reliable, hardworking, and friendly individuals to staff crew person jobs. Work often involves basic math skills and the ability to use nonspecific kitchen equipment, like ovens, grills microwaves, fryers, and stovetops. Customer service skills outweigh most other desirable traits in potential workers. Crew members typically start at minimum wage with the ability to earn more with experience gained. Read more Carl’s Jr Crew Member job.


Job Description and Duties
  • As part of the fifth-largest chain of fast food restaurants in the United States, Carl’s Jr. routinely hires experienced workers to serve as managers and oversee daily operations at each of its more than 1,300 store locations concentrated primarily in Western states.
  • Managers at Carl’s Jr. track sales, implement various business strategies and corporate promotions, maintain high standards of quality assurance, order inventory, and ensure storewide customer satisfaction.
  • Other essential job duties include recruiting, training, and evaluating entry-level employees.
  • Carl’s Jr. management positions typically carry multiple formal requirements applicants must meet to garner consideration for employment.
  • Successful candidates should have a minimum two years of previous management experience, preferably within the fast food restaurant industry, and may need to have a related college degree or some coursework completed, as well.
  • Excellent communication, customer service, and leadership skills also serve prospective managers well during the hiring process.
  • The ability to work a full-time schedule regularly featuring night, weekend, and holiday shifts often proves necessary for obtaining managerial jobs at Carl’s Jr.
Salary and Compensation
  • Pay for Carl’s Jr. managers generally ranges from $35,000 to $55,000 annually, with the average earnings hovering around $48,000 per year.
  • In addition to competitive wages, Carl’s Jr. offers comprehensive employment benefits like healthcare coverage, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and 401(k) retirement plans to qualified workers.
  • Eligible Carl’s Jr. managers also enjoy paid time off, employee meal discounts, management training programs, and even tuition reimbursement.

Tips For Applying

A majority of Carl’s Jr. employment opportunities require little-to-no experience. Applicants simply need to submit forms providing contact information, education information, and work histories, if applicable, as guides for managers to base hiring decisions. Remaining open and available to a wide array of shifts often benefits candidates the most, as the fast food chain hires entry-level prospects into varying night and weekend roles initially, in most cases.

Application Status

Depending on the ownership of nearby Carl’s Jr. locations, applicants may need to check back with the individual storefront of choice as opposed to tracking hiring statuses online. Calling and visiting fast food restaurants like the prominent burger chain regularly speeds up the process and leads to increased review from managers. Telephone managers or visit a day or two after turning in completed forms to inquire about placement in applicant queues and to reiterate interests in positions desired. Candidates typically wait a week to receive any type of word regarding applications submitted.

Benefits of Working at Carl’s Jr.

Quick-service restaurants like Carl’s Jr. offer a variety of job benefits. Workers receive competitive base pay and salary options, access to employment benefits packages, and paid training programs. Associates also enjoy flexible work schedules and fun, fast-paced, and exciting work environments. Individuals who qualify for company work benefits packages take advantage of:

  • Medical
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Life and accidental death insurance plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Stock purchase plans
  • Employee assistance programs and paid time off

Meal discounts also readily exist for both new and tenured employees.

Further Information on Carl’s Jr.

Throughout the American East Coast, Carl’s Jr. operates under the Hardee’s banner. The two chains combine to represent one of the largest fast food entities in the United States. Hardee’s primarily operates east of the Mississippi River, whereas the sister brand operates exclusively in the U.S. West. The companies fall under control of CKE Restaurants Inc., which also operates Green Burrito and Red Burrito Mexican-inspired fast food chains.


  • Albert Urquizo says:

    I worked for Carl’s Jr. in 1989-90. I was fresh out of high school at the time and on my own. I learned a lot while I was employed at Carl’s Jr. from earning a paycheck to learning responsibilities that come as a young adult. I enjoyed working for Carl’s Jr. I am seeking another opportunity to be employed again by Carl’s Jr soon. I would recommend any young individual that is seeking a great first time job to apply. It’s a fun job.

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