Carnival Cruise Lines Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines hires applicants to fill a range of positions both on and offshore. With American headquarters near Miami, FL, the international cruise company utilizes job fairs, employment agencies, and online ads to make job seekers aware of employment opportunities. The travel company conducts a streamlined hiring process, with human resources representatives administering initial phone interviews before moving applicants on to group, 1:1, or panel meetings with other hiring personnel. Current and former associates describe the entire Carnival Cruise Lines hiring process as lasting anywhere from two weeks to almost a year, depending on the position desired. Applicants vying for corporate or trip agency positions may face less time-consuming hiring procedures, whereas candidates competing for cruise ship jobs sometimes encounter logistical issues that affect cruise/ship placement.

Basic Interview Questions

Interview questions vary according to the position desired, and applicants should take various measures to prepare for Carnival Cruise Lines interviews. All job hopefuls should research cruise routes as well as company policies and values. Hiring personnel sometimes give applicants preliminary documents to look over before interviewing. Candidates should review and read the information carefully. Applicants may want to brush up on or rehearse any necessary skills for the position desired, as well.

Dress Business-Formal, Smile, and Bring Up Past Experience

Most Carnival Cruise Lines applicants find business-formal the ideal standard for interview clothing. Greet hiring personnel with a smile and a firm handshake. Display friendly and extroverted qualities during Carnival Cruise Lines interviews. Applicants with backgrounds in hospitality and travel may garner preferential treatment during the hiring process. Bring up examples from previous jobs to highlight customer service, communication, or other relevant skills when possible. Candidates striving for office or corporate positions may have to pass math and computer skills tests before earning hiring consideration. Shipboard job hopefuls are typically required to undergo a series of medical exams to ensure safety during cruises. Hiring staff often grant employment offers during final interviews. Cruise applicants often wait until medical exam results come in before the ship placement process begins. Remain patient and stay in contact with hiring personnel during each stage of the employment process.


  • bla says:

    i will have job interview for floor supervisor position.
    do you know what questions will they ask me ?

  • constantin says:

    how can apply online at carnival cl for head waiter position
    thank you

  • Ernesto Espinoza says:

    Does Carnival hire seasonal workers? i would like a summer job. I’m a teacher and would like to work in the summer from about June to middle end of July.

  • Mike says:

    I applied for a position in A/V. How long should I wait for a response and is there a way of checking on the status of the application?

  • James kamau says:

    Hi, I’m a form four Leaver looking for a part time job to better my skills and career. I am willing to work at any position available. I bet I can work under limited supervision or without supervision at all. Please help me find a job.

  • Hi
    I want to know if I pass the interview or not I applied for a position in pastry commis long should I wait for a response and is there a way of checking on the status of the application?

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