CARQUEST Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at CARQUEST

A leader in the auto parts industry, CARQUEST hires bright, dynamic workers to fill jobs across its stores, distribution centers, and head offices. The automotive chain utilizes a simple, speedy interview process to find viable employees. Exact interview process may vary depending on area of employment. Typically, personnel screen applicants through phone interviews followed by one-on-one interviews. Most interviews only last between 20 and 40 minutes. The total evaluation process takes between one and three weeks. In many cases, employment hopefuls receive job offers directly proceeding interviews.

Standard CARQUEST Interview Questions

The initial phone interview generally covers interest in the job and prior experience. For the face-to-face interview, CARQUEST typically holds an informal meeting hosted by a hiring manager. The interview often starts with the manager explaining the open job in detail. Next, the hiring manager asks a number of basic, easy-to-answer interview questions like: "Where will you be in 5 years?" and "Tell me a little bit about yourself." Topics also cover qualifications, job expectations, hours desired, and availability.

Enthusiasm and Dedication

Qualities CARQUEST looks for in an applicant include drive, sincerity, enthusiasm, self-motivation, and eagerness. Applicants should use stories of past work experiences to exhibit company values. Candidates should also demonstrate positivity and enthusiasm by being pleasant and courteous during the interview. Confidence benefits job hopefuls looking to work for the prominent company, and successful candidates should show good posture and maintain adequate eye contact.


  • Ryan Huffman says:

    My name is Ryan and I applied to Carquest in Richmond, Indiana Eastside for a part time job. I took a drug screening and was told I passed, but I was denied employment cause I was told I didn’t pass a background check. I was told I would receive an email stating why. That was a week ago and I have received nothing. I’m employed at a university and they have ran background checks on me with no problem. So I would like an explanation why I was denied employment.

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