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Cartier proudly stands as one of the most renowned luxury jewelry retailers in the world. Prestigious and passionate employees use individual strengths and unique aesthetic sensibilities to help customers find the perfect pieces of jewelry while demonstrating unparalleled service.

Facts About Working at Cartier

Minimum Age to Work at Cartier: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Cartier?)

Cartier Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 10:00am-8:00pm; Sat: 10:00am-7:00pm; Sun: 11:00am-6:00pm

Available Positions at Cartier: Customer Service Representative, Boutique Sales Associate, Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Jewelry Sales Associate, Customer Service Associate, Jeweler, Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Cartier Employment Opportunities

Founded in 1847, Cartier exists as a subsidiary brand of Richemont, which owns 21 of the top luxury goods companies in the world. Associates draw from years of crafting and selling fine jewelry, watches, and writing instruments in order to consistently provide high levels of performance. Prospective employees hoping to begin careers in the jewelry industry may find fulfilling job opportunities with the company in fields such as jewelry manufacturing, design, marketing, retail, and brand management.

Entry-level jobs in retail operations prove the most common employment opportunities available. Cartier operates maisons, high-end jewelry stores, in large cities around the globe, such as New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, and Shanghai. At the metropolitan stores, retail associates act as brand ambassadors and uphold strict dress codes, grooming guidelines, and standards of service. Serving guests in luxury retail environments focused on jewelry, watches, and writing instruments requires workers to demonstrate professionalism, friendly attitudes, and knowledgeable service.

Job Outlook and Pay Rates at Cartier

Individuals with retail or luxury goods sales backgrounds make excellent workers at Cartier. Rewarding professional journeys begin with entry-level jobs in retail operations. The following employment opportunities remain available at maisons in the United States and abroad:


  • Doormen embody the essence of service at Cartier and act as the first points of contact with maison guests.
  • Employees greet customers and attend to needs such as opening and closing doors, handling bags and packages, assisting guests into and out of vehicles, hailing taxis, providing directions, and assisting with questions about the company.
  • By encompassing the corporate values of fairness, openness, and trust, workers exhibit the high qualities of service and support expected by customers.
  • Additional duties may include helping staff open and close the boutique each day, assisting with inventory operations, maintaining clean and easily accessible storefronts, and complying with company security policies.
  • Qualified employees possess high school diplomas or equivalents, excellent interpersonal communication skills, and strong understandings of client services and priorities.
  • The full-time position pays an hourly wage totaling $33,000 per year.

Diamond Sales Associate

  • Diamonds prove key components of jewelry pieces sold in Cartier boutiques.
  • Knowledgeable diamond sales associates cater to the desires of customers and provide expert recommendations on rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other gemstone-laden pieces of jewelry.
  • By consistently portraying professional demeanors and representing the brand in the best light, employees deliver exceptional client experiences while meeting and exceeding sales goals.
  • Daily duties include developing new and existing customer relationships, addressing and proactively solving client issues, working with team members to ensure superior guest experiences, and suggestively selling products in other departments within the boutique.
  • The hourly pay rate for part-time workers comes in at around $18.00 an hour.
  • Associates must stand for long periods of time, occasionally work weekends, and exhibit professionalism in all aspects of daily duties.
  • Four-year college degrees stand preferred as well as fluency in multiple languages, such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, and Russian.

Tips For Applying

Prospective associates may apply online for jobs at Cartier by submitting resumes to the company website, filling out online candidate profiles to complete application forms, contacting recruiters through social media or third-party job search websites, or by applying in person at desired maisons. The online profile takes hopeful employees through six steps, including entering personal data, information about education, training, past work experience, other qualifications, and uploading resumes. Profiles store applicant information on file for future consideration if additional job openings become available. The interview process usually encompasses several weeks with intense face-to-face rounds of interviews regarding past work experience, personality determinations, and professional assessments.

Application Status

After submitting online applications, candidates may not hear back for several weeks while recruiters determine eligibility. Email remains the primary method of contact between job-seekers and the employer; however, individuals may also call maisons or stop by for personal visits to check on application statuses. Remember to portray professional appearances and demonstrate courteous manners when interacting with recruiters and boutique managers.

Work Benefits at Cartier

The chance to grow with a world-renowned luxury jewelry company stands as one of the greatest job benefits at Cartier. For prestigious, passionate workers, advancement opportunities remain abundant. Eligible associates also receive employment benefits, such as:

  • Company-sponsored life insurance and
  • Comprehensive healthcare coverage plan including visual
  • Dental and medical insurance.

In some cases, 401(k) retirement plans may become available.

Extra Facts about Cartier

King Edward VII once referred to Cartier as “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers.” Royal rulers and nobles from England, Spain, Russia, Greece, Egypt, and others possess treasured pieces of jewelry and horology made by the company, some of which still see ceremonial use or stand on display in museums. One such piece, the Cartier Imperial Egg, originally a gift from France to Czar Nicholas II in 1912, now rests on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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