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Download a printable Caseys General Store employment form.

Caseys General Store pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Casey’s General Store Application

Paper applications provide hiring managers easily accessible, physical copies of candidate contact and employment information. Due to the nature of the industry, gas stations routinely hire individuals based on communication skills and visibly displayed attitudes, which job hopefuls may demonstrate during interpersonal meetings necessary when submitting employment documents. In addition, the meetings allow workers to ask other pertinent questions about positions desired, such as projected pay and potential hours. The PDFs guarantee concrete opportunities to meet with recruitment personnel onsite.

How to Fill out the Casey’s General Store PDF Application

A three-page document, the Casey’s General Store printable application takes between 30 and 40 minutes to complete. However, workers should spend as much time as necessary gathering the right materials and entering in the data for best results. The gas station and convenience store chain requires accurate and truthful information on every application, with responses written in blue or black ink and printed legibly. Individuals unable to comply with the requests may receive immediate dismissal from applicant pools.

“Career Application”
Under the general header appearing in red, italic lettering, applicants list the date, position or positions applied for, and referral sources. Workers then move on to input traditional contact information, such as names and addresses, as well as indicate age above or below 16, 18, or 21, and ability to perform the essential functions of sought-after job titles. Before the section closes, individuals must also reveal any past employment with the chain (with the dates and locations, if applicable), any aliases assumed, relatives under the employ of the company, and part-time or full-time intended hiring statuses. The last few questions delve into night, weekend, and holiday availability, specific hours available each day of the week, first available start dates, willingness to travel, and criminal records.

Small charts for academic backgrounds appear on the PDF applications, as well. Employment hopefuls use the data fields to provide the names and locations of schools attended, indicate whether graduated, and list degrees, diplomas, or certifications obtained. Candidates may offer details for up to three schools, including high school, collegiate, and vocational or trade careers.

“Special Skills and Qualifications”
Two prompts appear in the Special Skills and Qualifications section. The first prompt offers workers lines to list machinery, skills, or special abilities related to positions desired from past jobs. Provide as much detail as possible, especially with no formal timetables put in place to fill out the sections at home. The second section allows individuals to reveal any notable certifications or training courses completed. Write responses on separate sheets of paper and write See Other Forms on the lines if more space deems necessary.

“Employment Experience”
The printable application provides room for job seekers to list employment information for four previous places of employment. Begin with the most recent or currently held positions and detail work histories chronologically backwards. Provide the names, addresses, phone numbers, dates employed, job titles, supervisors, starting and ending pay rates, general duties, and reasons for leaving each position. Persons with military backgrounds should include details about service in the armed forces.

“Career Application”
Candidates should note the final section of the application recycles the same header as the beginning of the document. However, the closing portion of the PDF includes legal statements about rights of applicants and workers upon hire. The paragraphs also reveal the use of drug screening, background checks, reference audits, and the active statuses of applications once received. Casey’s informs candidates of at-will employment policies, as well. Applicants must sign and date the documents on the lines provided after agreeing to the terms and conditions.