Casey’s General Store Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Casey's General Store

Complete the necessary employment forms for a chance at participating in a Casey’s General Store job interview. Eligible applicants typically hear from recruitment managers within a few days of applying, especially during staffing shortages. The interview process for entry-level candidates generally includes a brief, one-on-one meeting with a hiring manager.

Managerial Considerations

Upper-level associates may need to attend two or three screenings and conduct a company presentation. Common formalities for most positions include background checks and drug testing, as well. All potential associates should take various measures to prepare for the interview. A simple online search reveals basic company information, and with further investigation, applicants find out more about the work environment and popular problems employees face in the gas station industry.

Best Ways to Impress in the Hiring Process

Applicants who display professional appearances and arrive to interview sessions early usually make good first impressions. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and friendly tones. Some interviewers conduct a more conversational meeting to get a feel for applicant personalities, while other hiring personnel take a rigid approach by reading questions directly from a script. Allow the manager to set the tone of the meeting, and listen to inquiries carefully.

Basic Casey's Interview Questions

Some prompts used during the Casey’s General Store job interview include: “Why do you want this job?”, “How would you describe yourself?”, “How would you handle an angry customer?”, and “What is your availability?” Demonstrate intentionality when answering questions by keeping responses brief and to the point. Allude to previous experience when relevant, and keep replies focused on providing great customer service. Make sure to express gratitude for the opportunity after the interview, and follow up with the hiring manager about an employment decision via telephone or email at an appropriate time.


  • Roger Parks says:

    It may be better if you apply in person, the manager might speak with you right away and it shows that you want to be there. Online applications give image that you applying at several places just to see who calls and busy managers might not take time to check there email. In person they can look at you, meet you, and have your application in their hand – they may be hiring that and all jobs could be filled before online application is viewed

  • Sheryl Wright says:

    I’m an Asst. Manager at a Casey’s, and I have really good advice for job searchers. First off, only apply if you have a good solid work ethic. Fill out the app AT THE STORE. We hired everyone from walk ins and referrals. Come in prepared, i.e. with a pen, notebook with notes you wrote to ask management. Ask to see a manager when finished. DRESS PROFESSIONALLY!!!! Wear shorts and a tank top? I won’t hire you. Dress casual pants and a clean ironed shirt? Maybe to yes! Call first to see if they are hiring and ask if a manager is available to see you. If you don’t want to work DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR OURS. There’s alot of upward advancement if you stick it out. Good Luck.

  • Richard Cole says:

    I just applied for the store manager position, just got done with my first interview and waiting on a call for my second one (fingers crossed) I just moved to here a week or so ago, and was previously living in Arizona and had my medical marijuana card. The state I am living in now does not have medical marijuana. Obviously I will fail if given a drug test. Does anybody know if drug test are given to people applying for store manager, or should I be in the clear?

  • Nicole says:

    @Richard Cole:

    If you honestly DID have your medical marijuana card there should be a DEA number attached to all of your filled prescription bags. This number indicates to both police officers and medical professionals that you are legally using a substance that contains THC. Regardless of your current state’s laws, they are required by law to accept the Federal DEA number on your filled presciption as a legally distributed substances written by a liscensed doctor. If you test positive for marijuana, you will recieve a phone call asking if you have any prescriptions that would cause a positive test result.. At this point, if you say yes, they will ask for the DEA number and state that said prescription was filled. It may be dicey for the next few days (or hours, depending on how fast they decide to check up on you) but you will recieve a phone call stating that they did in fact confirm your presciption, or that they did not. However, depending on the documents you signed with Casey’s and whatever drug testing company they decide to go with… They may reject your position regardless due to your states laws. Though, again, if Casey’s and said company did not make you sign papers that gave the full explaination of your drug test, the testing company may find you legally positive and just submit back paperwork to Casey’s as “passed”. I’m not exactly certain, but you may be able to fight it if you are denied the position.

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