Cash America Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Cash America

As the largest provider of payday loans in the country, Cash America must interview and hire job seekers frequently in order to maintain the volume of business conducted at roughly 200 store locations. The interview process usually entails a pair of face-to-face meetings with a hiring manager or panel of interviewers. Entry-level applicants typically interview with the shop manager initially before meeting with the applicable market manager. Candidates seeking management positions often interview with human resources representatives by phone prior to interviewing with a panel of market managers in-person. The entire hiring process typically finishes upon successful completion of a drug test.

Cash America Job Interview Questions

Typical job interviews feature a wide range of questions requiring applicants to demonstrate suitability and readiness for the position. Interviewees frequently respond to inquiries like, "If hired, what would you bring to the job?" and "What are the core values of Cash America?" Other popular interview questions, such as, "How would you react to a coworker or supervisor who disagreed with you?" and "Can you tell me about a time when you successfully dealt with a challenging customer?" probe for evidence of the skills necessary for working in the financial services industry. Prospective managers usually field additional questions delving into managerial responsibilities held at previous jobs.

Confidence and Background Checks

Applicants should exude confidence during each step of the Cash America interview process. Make sure to bring up any personal or professional experiences relevant to the desired job. At the conclusion of each interview session, convey gratitude for the hiring consideration and acknowledge the interviewer for spending time meeting with you. The financial services firm generally contacts interviewees selected for hire after the processing of drug tests and background checks, procedures often taking a week or longer to yield results.


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