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Caterpillar manufacturers, designs, and markets various pieces of machinery, engines, and financial products through a worldwide network. Built on the talent of employees, potential workers find opportunities within the nearly 132,000 person workforce.

Facts About Working at Caterpillar

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Caterpillar?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Accountant, Health & Safety Specialist, Financial Analyst, Loan Officer, Human Resources Representative, Information Technology Specialist, Legal Assistant, Logistics Manager, Pricing Analyst, Marketing Associate

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Caterpillar Job Opportunities

Beginning in 1907, Benjamin Holt, one of the founders, tried to devise solutions to fix the heavy steam tractors which often sank into the soft earth of San Joaquin Valley in California. The resulting company includes some of the leading most of heavy agricultural equipment in the world. Headquarters for Caterpillar reside in Peoria, IL, and proudly boast the CAT logo. Dealers scatter across the globe in over 180 countries ready to enhance the operations of every business possible. Suppliers also play key roles in producing excellence by ensuring high standards for delivery and prices. A code of conduct helps direct employees into upholding the values and principles responsible for success, as well. Employment remains obtainable in manufacturing and production for individuals experienced in office work as well as for recent college graduates.

Dynamic and flexible career options with different units, product lines, and locations entice candidates interested in developing professionally with a Fortune 500 company. Valuing courtesy, integrity, and accountability, Caterpillar expects every interaction to maintain such standards regardless of whether speaking with a coworker or customer. The culture remains built on producing an open, inclusive workspace with diversity centerfold.

Occupations and Salary Options for Caterpillar

Competitive hiring processes produce only the best employees, with most possessing educational backgrounds and previous experience in similar fields. Interests in customer service and innovation produce a commonality among the workforce. Generally, the age requirement allows only individuals 18 and over to submit applications. Available job titles may include the following entry-level opportunities:

Commercial Support Coordinator

  • Commercial support coordinators respond to operational inquiries.
  • With business held in China and overseas, the team generates order intakes and relationships with key accounts.
  • Inquiries from customers and field personnel require rapid responses and relate to products, marketing, and parts.
  • Communication skills hold paramount along with the ability to address customer concerns in positive and productive manners.
  • Core competencies suggest workers remain client focused, work safely, produce quality, and build trust.
  • Annual salary options sit upwards of $31,000 a year to entice candidates with educational backgrounds in business and marketing to fill out applications for employment.

Warehouse Associate

  • Physical demands for openings may prove extensive and include lifting up to 35 pounds for 15 minute intervals.
  • Occasionally, warehouse associates handle boxes weighing up to 50 pounds and work in heights of 20 feet above the ground.
  • Previous experience in a warehouse and six months of forklifting knowledge pose necessary.
  • Pay rates between $10.00 and $14.00 hold accessible based on shifts and skill sets.
  • Staff members count parts and fill orders while conducting basic quality assessments for damages and defects.
  • The storing and picking of parts, equipment, supplies, and materials often holds mandatory.
  • Associates also work with other departments extensively, such as shipping and receiving.


  • Beginning at $11.00 an hour, salary packages may increase with experience and previous skill sets.
  • Minimally, workers must possess three months of manufacturing experience and the ability to work in factory-like environments.
  • Increases in pay may also stem from forklift experience, mechanical skills, intermediate computer knowledge, and blue print reading abilities.
  • Based on physical demands of responsibilities, staff may lift, push, bend, squat, climb, walk, reach, and squeeze or pinch repetitively.
  • Main components of the position include assembling parts into panels and wiring harnesses while following standard work instructions.
  • Routinely, team members enter data in CAT computer systems for proper recording and collection.

Tips For Applying

Candidates possess three options when beginning hiring processes: positions in production, as experienced professionals, or work for recent college graduates. Career networks continue the progression with potential staff searching and browsing through recent opportunities. Upon selection, aspirants create profiles based on previous knowledge and educational skills. Profiles also request login and password information for future reference. Job carts allow workers opportunities to complete applications for positions of interest later on.

Application Status

Commonly, qualified candidates hear back from hiring managers within two to three weeks, though wait times may prove longer depending on number of applicants and urgency to fill each opening. Multiple interviews over the phone and in person may present necessary during hiring processes. Eager contenders should call hiring leaders to follow up on statuses of applications. Opportunities frequently open and applicants should check back to find positions of interest.

Employment Benefits for Caterpillar

Motivating employees with rewards for achievements, Caterpillar offers competitive pay and job benefits packages to attract and retain talent. Incentive plans, in addition to salary, compensate staff for company success. Employment benefits, based on local markets, may include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid time off, and
  • Various healthcare options.

Focusing on the wellness of workers, the company grants medical insurance, dental, and vision, as well. An employee assistance program addresses personal issues with professional support, free of charge to team members and families.

Additional Information about Caterpillar

Supported by Caterpillar Foundation, Vice President Kathryn Karol participated with the United Nations Foundation in the 2015 Girl Up Summit held in Washington, D.C. The program ensures adolescent girls in developing countries receive education, health, economic, and social opportunities. In locations scattered across the world and where gender equality appears nonexistent, advocates raise funds and awareness to reach girls, no matter how difficult. Other efforts from Caterpillar resulted in approximately $1 million invested into three business centers for women in sub-Saharan Africa. The program supports women entrepreneurs and helps each one reach personal goals.

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