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Hiring process information for an interview at Cathay Pacific Airlines

How to Get a Job at Cathay Pacific Airlines

With a workforce of nearly 30,000 associates, Cathay Pacific Airlines uses intensive interview methods to screen for potential workers. Basic requirements for job seekers include participating in phone interviews and various forms of face-to-face interviews, such as panel, group, or 1:1 formats. Flight attendant hopefuls must also participate in height and language tests. Positions involving manual labor may require applicants to demonstrate or prove ability to lift heavy objects comfortably, either through job history or in-person. Multiple rounds of interview typically prove necessary for all positions during the hiring process.

Group and One-to-One Sessions

During group interviews and one-on-one sessions, Cathay Pacific hiring managers look for outstanding candidate to fill available roles. Job seekers respond to both general and highly tailored interview questions related to the position desired. Interview questions even include: "How do you stand out among other applicants" and "In what ways would you work to better your department and the company in general?" Flight attendant jobs and other positions heavily involved with the general public often respond to interview questions related to customer service, such as: "How would you handle a disruptive passenger?" and "Can you describe a time in which you provided a service in a high-stress setting?"

How to Impress Hiring Personnel

Body language and overall demeanor during Cathay Pacific job interviews play a pivotal role in gaining employment. Applicants should exercise professionalism and maintain appropriate eye contact at all times. The airline uses the hiring process, and specifically job interviews, to screen candidates for on-the-job performance tendencies. Inability to speak clearly or engage hiring representatives in pleasing, informative, and accommodating manners may lead to dismissal from the applicant pool. Workers should stress abilities related to customer service and the airline and aviation industries and demonstrate passion for all of the above with regularity throughout the entire process. In order to further demonstrate professionalism and enthusiasm for the position, potential employees should follow up with an email or by phone a few days after the final interview to inquire about hiring status.

2 user comments:

  1. Zoran Stojkovic

    I am looking job in ATC. I am an air traffic controller since 2005. I have TWR an APP licenses, and I have recently finished Area Surveillance Control.
    I am 27 years old.

  2. Sonoo Klina

    I am looking for a job with Cathay in tours cause my uncle works there. He talk a lot about the company. I’m a secretary since 4 years ago. I liked flying in the past. I had work in Casela as a tour guide. I will be grateful if I receive a job with this company. Thanx…


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