Cathay Pacific Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Cathay Pacific Airlines

Starting the Interview Process

Hopefuls can search for openings and apply online at the Cathay Pacific Airlines website. Hiring staff usually contacts impressive candidates within a few weeks to schedule a meeting. All potentials must pass a series of tests to obtain a job offer.

Cathay Pacific Airlines Interview Stages

Video or Phone Interview

The first step involves a brief video or phone interview. At this point, applicants answer a few questions about their work experience. The Cathay Pacific Airlines staff evaluates responses to determine if an individual will move on to the next phase.

Entry Exams to Test Eligibility

Exams measure a hopeful's ability to perform various job-related tasks. These tests cover math, language, and public relations skills. Some Cathay Pacific Airlines jobs, such as flight attendants and cargo handlers, require a physical lift and reach assessment, too.

The Final Round

Before a one-on-one meeting with staff, several applicants participate in a group interview. These presentations are a great chance for potential employees to stand out from their peers. Successful candidates continue in the Cathay Pacific Airlines interview process for additional queries.

Standard Cathay Pacific Airlines Job Interview Questions

What to Expect

Cathay Pacific Airlines job interviewers may ask the following:

What Should You Wear?

Dressing for Cathay Pacific Airlines Interviews

Professional attire is a must. Men should wear a suit, tie, and dress shoes. Knee-length skirts, blouses, and closed-toe shoes are ideal for women. Flight attendants should style their outfit to resemble the airline's current uniform.

Preparing for Your Interview

Understand the Mission

Practicing responses ahead of time helps convey confidence during Cathay Pacific Airlines job interviews. During the hiring process, the company looks for hopefuls who researched the industry and have a shared passion for excellence.


  • Sonoo Klina says:

    I am looking for a job with Cathay in tours cause my uncle works there. He talk a lot about the company. I’m a secretary since 4 years ago. I liked flying in the past. I had work in Casela as a tour guide. I will be grateful if I receive a job with this company. Thanx…

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