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Cato offers ideal jobs for individuals in search of entry-level employment and professional careers in the fashion industry. The retailer hires on stylish, friendly, and motivated workers to provide customer service, stock merchandise, organize sales floors, and manage entry-level employees. Job titles range from entry-level sales associate positions to upper-level management roles.

Facts About Working at Cato

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Cato?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Stock Associate, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager,

Printable Application: Yes. Print Cato application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Cato Job Opportunities

For the convenience of prospective workers, Cato provides a downloadable application form online. Applicants participating in the hiring process must stand at least 18 years of age for employment consideration. Despite the minimum hiring age, the retailer requires no previous retail experience for entry-level associates. However, managers may prefer to hire employees with eyes for fashion and some familiarity with retail settings. Primary job duties for entry-level associates include assisting with sales, dressing mannequins and arranging displays, ringing up purchases, and maintaining clean and organized store locations.

The retailer needs experienced managers to oversee retail operations and conduct job interviews. Upper-level associates must typically meet a litany of qualifications to earn hiring consideration. Suitable candidates typically possess previous retail management experience, extensive knowledge of the fashion industry, and great communication skills. Upon hire, Cato provides entry-level workers with competitive base pay, while upper-level associates enjoy excellent annual salary options. The fashion retail company rewards employees for strong work ethics and proven performance with regular incentives and pay increases. Employment benefits packages also exist for both full-time workers and part-time associates.

Cato Positions and Salary Information

With more than 1,000 retail locations in the United States, Cato offers job seekers a plethora of employment options, both entry-level and managerial, in store operations, distribution, and in corporate capacities. With great training programs geared toward preparing entry-level employees for jobs in management, the fashion company proves a great place to build a career. Employment opportunities regularly for hire with the retailer include:

Sales Associate

Cato Sales Associate Job Description & Interview

Job Description and Duties

  • As a major clothing retailer for women, Cato needs to hire motivated and knowledgeable workers to fill entry-level sales associate jobs on a regular basis.
  • Minimum hiring requirements for Cato sales associates include the ability to work a flexible schedule and the ability to meet age restrictions of 16 and older.
  • Sound customer service skills and personable personalities also help advance prospective employees through the hiring process.
  • Cato typically offers part-time hours to new-hire workers.
  • Common job duties range from assisting in sales to ringing up purchases and organizing shelves.
  • Some knowledge of female fashions may prove necessary to gain employment.

Salary and Compensation

  • Major fashion retail chains like Cato frequently experience high volumes of business and consistently need to hire new and motivated workers to fill entry-level positions.
  • The average starting pay for Cato sales associates falls around minimum wage.
  • Experienced sales associates may earn as much as $9.00 per hour or receive promotion into managerial careers featuring annual salary options and lucrative work benefits packages.
  • Cato also provides workers with exceptional discounts on merchandise.


Job Description and Duties
  • A specialty retailer of women’s fashions, Cato stores routinely hires sales associates and other entry-level employees.
  • The nationwide retail chain needs individuals with experience and leadership skills to guide the Cato workforce.
  • Store managers mainly delegate duties to subordinate Cato employees, such as cashiers, stockers, and sales associates.
  • Additional job duties include office administrative tasks, such as scheduling, payroll, and overseeing the hiring process.
  • Typically, Cato hires experienced current employees with a great performance record and attitude to fill available managerial roles.
  • However, experienced retail workers from other brands may find work as a Cato store manager.
  • Retail experience often proves necessary to gain employment consideration.
  • Applicants for management positions must stand at least 18 years of age, in most cases.
Salary and Compensation
  • Normally, Cato pays store managers enticing salary options ranging anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 annually.
  • Managers may take advantage of available overtime pay, as well.
  • Like many retailers, Cato provides paid manager trainee programs to eligible hires.
  • Full-time workers like store managers may also take advantage of paid vacation, health care and insurance, and even retirement programs.

Tips For Applying

Workers find the easily downloadable application by clicking the appropriate link above. Entry-level applicants must complete, print, and submit hiring forms in-person at the location of desired employment. To fill out the basic application, candidates yield information regarding previous employment and availability. Applicants must also provide character references as well as consent for drug testing. Job seekers should ensure accurate contact information on hiring forms before submitting. Entry-level workers ought to dress in fashionable yet sensible attire when submitting applications at stores in person and should also endeavor to meet hiring managers to make good impressions. Upper-level management applicants must email applications to a designated address.

Application Status

Hiring managers contact promising candidates via telephone typically no more than a week after receiving and reviewing applications. Applicants who do not hear from managers should politely initiate contact by phone or in person. During follow-up visits, applicants may want to dress in interview attire, in case of on-the-spot hiring sessions. Workers ought to conduct some research before following up in person and visit stores during slower business hours. Ask to speak with a manager and reiterate desire to work for the fashion company. Inquire if the manager received the application and when to expect contact about proceeding with the rest of the hiring process. Applicants should exude confident yet respectful character traits when following up in-person or over the phone.

Benefits of Working at Cato

Cato stores boast energetic, supportive, and dynamic work environments. In addition to competitive pay scales, new hires instantly receive generous discounts on clothing and fashion accessories. As mentioned above, the retailer prepares entry-level workers to assume managerial roles using career development programs and paid training opportunities. Both full-time and part-time associates may qualify to receive future planning benefits and healthcare.

  • Future planning benefits include 401(k) retirement plans, life insurance, and employee stock ownership plans.
  • Healthcare options comprise medical plans as well as dental and vision discounts for part-time employees.
  • Full-time associates receive full-range medical and dental plans along with vision discounts and paid time off.

Associates may also take advantage of a company credit union and prescription discount plans.

Additional Information on Cato

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, The Cato Corporation conducts business as Cato, Cato Plus, Cato Fashions, Versona, and It’s Fashion in more than 30 states. The corporation frequently lists employment vacancies for each brand on the company website and provides job descriptions detailing qualifications, job duties, employee benefits, and additional information. Job seekers find additional entry-level openings at distribution centers or as construction workers in store development. Workers also discover a wide array of corporate job opportunities in marketing, finance, loss prevention, product development, e-commerce, and human resources at the company headquarters. Corporate jobs generally require workers to possess college degrees, certifications, and willingness to relocate to the headquarters.


  • Patricia Clayton says:

    Worked as a co manager and store manager opening and closing. Managed the day to day sales of the store, customer service, visual merchandising, bank deposits.

  • Justice hall says:

    When working for Cato, you have to be able to make customers comfortable about the clothes or accessories they are picking out. If a customer is trying clothes on, try to be helpful as possible if they ask your opinion. You should know what style will fit the customer best if they ask. If a customer asks you a question, make sure you answer completely with respect and be polite! When the customer leaves, make sure you always thank them, it makes them feel welcomed back.

  • sheriann langs says:

    Are you hiring right now?

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