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How to Get a Job at Cato

On average, the Cato hiring process takes between a day and a week to complete. Instances where applicants complete all steps necessary to gain employment usually include personal visits to store locations. Managers screen applicants onsite, on-the-spot, and then make hiring determinations accordingly. Job seekers who go through traditional avenues of gaining employment at stores generally wait a day or two to hear back from hiring personnel. Candidates then visit the desired store location and sit with a manager for an indeterminate amount of time to discuss the open position in question, work environments, job duties, and availability.

Common Cato Interview Process Questions

Cato job interviews typically take the form of question-and-answer sessions in 1:1 formats. Applicants respond to an array of interview questions early on in each session, including basic inquiries like:

  • "What will you personally bring to the Cato team?"
  • "What are some adjectives that best describe you?"
  • "Have you had any experiences in retail?"
Interview questions may then branch off into more specific interrogations regarding common situations encountered in-store. Job seekers regularly respond to:
  • "Have you ever witnessed someone stealing?"
  • "What does good customer service mean to you?"
  • "How would you improve sales?"

Personality and Skills Assessments

Following the face-to-face interview phase of the Cato hiring process, applicants must complete personality and skills exams. Managerial candidates often take personality and skills tests prior to participating in job interviews. The examinations greatly influence hiring managers' decisions in the deliberation process. The form poses multiple-choice questions often asking applicants to choose an answer, one through five, which best reflects or actually represents the correct or plausible solution. Topics covered in the examination include math questions and behavioral inquiries based on hypothetical situations. Applicants who perform well during the interview process but fail the examination often get passed over for employment consideration.

Take Time to Prepare

While the personality exam bears a majority weight in most cases, applicants should still take care to prepare for Cato job interviews and effectively demonstrate a strong fit with the fashion retail chain. The ability to help others in a kind and attentive manner bodes well for prospective job seekers, as well as strong senses of ethics and overall willingness to work as part of a team. Show desired traits through non-verbal communications, like posture and smiling, and exert general enthusiasm for the opportunity.


  • Erielle Sims says:

    I would like to work at Cato Fashions!

  • jess says:

    after you submit your application online print it and take it to your local cato you wish to work at, this will expedite the process!

  • Laura Jenkins says:

    Ever since I first went to cato I absolutely loved it! Not only because I love the style of clothing, but because all the variety of every thing cato sells. Cato honestly is one of the only clothing stores we by from.
    Would cato higher for a summer job only? then when that person got out of school that next summer maybe coming on full time?
    Would a person need to have any kind of degree to work and move up in the business?

  • Cathy says:

    Wondering if Cato future employees are asked to purchase, model and wear Cato clothes during their working hours. Just interested, probably a good idea!

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