Central Park Zoo Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at The Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo uses extensive job interviews for most entry-level and professional employment vacancies. While many positions carry stiff education requirements and real-world experience, plenty of opportunities still exist for inexperienced or first-time job seekers. Interested applicants usually submit all of the necessary Central Park Zoo hiring materials to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which operates as parent company to the NYC-based attraction. Depending on the position desired, applicants may face several interview formats, such as phone interviews, 1:1 interviews, and panel interviews as well as skills assessments.

Professionalism and Preparation

Central Park Zoo and the Wildlife Conservation Society value professionalism and hard work from all associates. Applicants must demonstrate both values in every interview during the hiring process. The best way to gain confidence involves performing research on the attraction and reviewing personal qualifications and achievements. Applicants should show familiarity with other WCS properties, such as the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium. Complete sentences and a confident tone also improve hiring chances.

What to Wear

In terms of wardrobe and attire, candidates should adopt professional and conservative approaches. Business suits for both men and women should prove sufficient. Additionally, hair should remain combed and styled, with emphasis on good hygiene overall.

Experience, Career, and Character

Most Central Park interview questions cover three main areas: previous experience, character, and goals or aspirations. Some of the more common interview questions include: "How do you handle angry customers?", "Can you handle being on your feet for extended periods of time?" and "Why do you think people love Central Park Zoo?" How an applicant acts during the Central Park Zoo interview process greatly determines how highly Central Park Zoo views the potential employee.


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    Do they require a drug test if you want to be a porter?

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