CenturyLink Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at CenturyLink

One of the largest outfits in the telecommunications industry, CenturyLink needs to hire on help regularly in order to maintain current standards of operations. After the receipt of applicant information, human resources representatives contact eligible workers to schedule interview sessions. Applicants cite receiving phone screenings prior to meeting with hiring personnel in either face-to-face interviews or with multiple interviewers in panel-style meetings. For some entry-level positions, applicants may attend group hiring events and meet with multiple hiring managers successively over the course of the day. Other hiring requirements in addition to job interviews may include background checks and drug screening.

Typical Interview Questions

Candidates seeking employment with CenturyLink may find entry-level opportunities in both customer service and sales. Interviewees for sales associate positions may need to prove suitability by demonstrating "How would you sell me this item?" as well as answering questions about background, education, and work history. Typical interview questions may include such queries as, "How would you adapt to change in the workplace?" and "If your company initiated a new program that made it more difficult to do your job, how would you respond?" Candidates who use helpful examples from prior employment regarding overcoming challenges in the workplace often impress hiring personnel.

Additional Examples of Interview Questions

CenturyLink seeks applicants who exude friendly, motivated, and enthusiastic personalities to fill customer service roles. Interviewers typically pose behavioral and situational questions to see how well applicants work with customers. "How do you turn around a situation in which a customer is unhappy with their service?", "How adept are you at meeting deadlines?", and "What are some unethical practices to avoid when trying to satisfy customer needs?" represent frequently asked interview questions. Applicants may need to perform in a simulation, which entails receiving consumer calls and responding appropriately in given situations in order to receive employment consideration.

How Long Should the Interview Process Take?

Most applicants complete the hiring process within two or three weeks, with job offers handed down a day or two following the final interview.

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