CEVA Logistics Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at CEVA Logistics

As one of the leading trucking companies with nearly 50,000 employees worldwide, CEVA Logistics dependably adds employees seeking to enter the growing logistics and transportation services industry. Initial phone interviews typically feature questions covering basic information, like availability and work history, to verify applicant eligibility for employment. Applicants typically meet with hiring managers in one-to-one scenarios, though panel interviews may occur for sales positions or administrative work. Drivers and warehouse candidates may receive job offers on-the-spot, depending on possession of proper certifications and the amount of candidates vying for similar positions. CEVA Logistics often makes offers of employment contingent upon successful completion of drug tests, background checks, and for some positions, physicals.

Administrative Jobs

For administrative roles, such as customer service representatives and clerk positions, candidates usually face an interview process lasting no more than two weeks. Customer service applicants tend to meet with multiple hiring managers in panel interviews during the hiring process. CEVA Logistics seeks individuals with excellent typing skills, organization and prioritization abilities, and the capacity to balance both team and individual responsibilities. Candidates may face interview questions such as, "Have you ever worked in the trucking industry before?" and "How would you rate your math skills?" Prospective workers interviewing for such positions should dress accordingly, in professional attire, and remain eager to impress interviewers with any related knowledge, if possible.

Driver Jobs

CEVA Logistics hires drivers who possess excellent driving records, CDL certifications, and other necessary documentations satisfying corresponding state laws and regulations. Drivers should also possess working knowledge on how to operate dollies, pallet jacks, forklifts, and hand trucks. "How did you handle meeting a tight deadline?" and "How do you decide what gets top priority when scheduling your time?" represent interview questions drivers face. Applicants should arrive on-time to each meeting with hiring personnel, focusing all answers to questions on relevant work experience, if possible. Answer all questions with honesty and as succinctly as possible.

Fitness Matters

The CEVA Logistics interview process for warehouse positions tends to focus on the need for candidates to possess a level of physical fitness appropriate for everyday bending and lifting. Dexterity and some agility may serve applicants well during the interview process, as applicants must often pass physical exams in order to receive job offers. Certifications showing the ability to operate heavy machinery, such as forklifts or hydraulic dollies, may prove necessary, though some applicants cite attending training after beginning work with the trucking company. Interview questions posed may include references to previous employment, education, and skill sets. On-the-spot job offers prove common for warehouse positions; however, candidates sometimes attend more than one interview before hiring decisions become final.


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