Champs Sports Job Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring Process Overview

Mall-based athletic footwear and apparel retailer Champs Sports looks for knowledgeable, driven workers to join the team. With sales and managerial careers available in each store, Champs Sports needs team members who are responsible and sales-minded. Other qualities the retailer looks for in every applicant include communication skills, helpfulness, and upbeat attitudes. To find workers meeting company standards, the athletic shop conducts scripted interview processes that evaluate personalities and skillsets. Sales jobs and managerial careers feature separate interview processes.

Hiring Process for Sales, Customer Service, and Stock Jobs

Champs Sports sales jobs, which include cashier and sales associate positions, require workers to participate in one face-to-face interview in-store. Assistant managers or store managers conduct interviews and generally keep the process simple and relaxed. Interviews usually start out with basic questions such as: "Why Champs Sports?", "What makes you right for the job?", and "What are some of your strengths?" Applicants then face unique behavioral questions, which include: "What is an instance where you had a large workload and had to improvise to get a task accomplished?" and "How do you handle a customer that is upset?" In some cases, applicants may need to participate in a second interview. Some candidates may receive the position on the spot. Other applicants may be contacted with a job offer a few days after the final interview.

Hiring Process for Managers

For Champs Sports management jobs, applicants need to participate in several interview sessions. In some instances, managerial applicants need to pass a phone interview before being invited for a 1:1 interview at a store. Phone interviews usually cover interest in the position, basic experience, and career goals. In the in-person interview, interviewees are asked about labor management, abilities to set goals and drive sales numbers, and customer service. Interviews for managerial job titles frequently end with discussions regarding annual salary.

Dressing to Impress

Applicants should arrive at every interview early and dressed in appropriate attire. Business-casual clothing remains suitable for applicants interviewing for sales representative and cashier jobs. Applicants may also wear shoes sold at Champs Sports to show interest in the store. Managerial applicants want to dress in more formal garb for interviews.

Appropriate Attitudes

In addition to looking appropriate, Champs Sports applicants want to come to interviews with good attitudes and proper personal conduct. Job hopefuls should smile often and sit with correct posture. Answers should be brief and delivered clearly and with confidence. Whenever possible, applicants want to bring up past work experience. For managerial applicants, previous and related skills or retail experience remains essential. Cashier and sales associate job seekers don't need past experience, and bringing up experience in school activities, community groups, our volunteering often suffices for work experience.

Champs Sports Sales Associate Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Champs Sports Sales Associate: When I worked at Champs, I was a sales associate. So, basically, I ran register, I worked with going to get shoes for people, I worked on the floor, like folding and hanging items. That’s pretty much it.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Champs Sports Sales Associate: It was fun. It feels bad me saying this, but it kind of felt like a party. We always had music playing. People were always really nice, we just had fun, and made it fun. That was the environment.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Champs Sports Sales Associate: We going, and clock in, obviously. Once you did that, you were assigned, so if you were on the floor, you had to deal with straightening the shirts, and getting things for other people, if they came in and wanted a jersey, you would unlock the jersey. If you were on shoes, you have to go and get shoes that someone wanted. Then, if you are on register, you would just ring people out. No matter what you are on, you have to try and sell shoe care, like the socks and the spray cleaner, four like boots and everything. We always kind of had a competition, each shift, whoever sold the most got a prize at the end of the night.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Champs Sports Sales Associate: The application, it was just a regular application, I guess. You fill out your personal information, and your job history. Once I was called for an interview, we just went in, they asked about past experience that I’ve had to do, as far as doing retail, or any experience I had with the register, just working with people. Then the questions were just like, “How would you handle something like this?” or “How would handle something like that?” Then, I had to do, once I was hired, do the computer training, and stuff like that.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Champs Sports Sales Associate: I would probably say just make sure, this is kind of with everyone, but be kind of aware of the company. Know some of back information, just in case. Because you never know, they might ask you something about it. And, be prepared to show your personality, and kind of sell yourself as a brand, because you’re going to be selling stuff at Champs, and they need that.


  • gladys says:

    they give u the uniform its a navy blue shirt that says champs sports on it and they give u shorts too, they’ll give u a name tag too

  • Sabrina says:

    What can a girl wear to Champs interview?

  • Rhai says:

    ^ I had an interview with Champs today and I wore a long sleeve button up dress shirt and blue dress pants from abercrombie, curled hair and natural makeup, an employee interviewed me first then an assistant manager. Make eye contact and answer all the questions truthfully, most importantly be confident and on time!

  • christian says:

    How can i apply to Champion Sports? I am really interested in a job there.

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