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Charter Communications finds success in the telecommunications industry by investing in the lives of full-time and part-time employees. With more than 5 million customers around the United States, entry-level job seekers prosper among the available opportunities.

Facts About Working at Charter Communications

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Charter Communications?)

Available Positions: Direct Sales Representative, Broadband Technician, Customer Sales Representative, Service Center Representative, Dispatcher, System Technician, Affinity Marketing Manager, Technical Operations Supervisor, Client Services Representative, Business Account Executive, Business Analysis Engineer, Sales Support Coordinator, Service Activation Representative, Sales Specialist, Warehouse Technician, Field Auditor, Network Engineer, Pre-Installation Specialist, Technical Safety Trainer

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Charter Communications Job Opportunities

Experiencing exponential growth since the company founding in 1993, Charter Communications operates as one of the largest cable providers in the United States. The leading cable firm employs over 23,000 people among 29 states. Servicing consumers and businesses under the name Charter Spectrum, the communications outfit offers residential customers video entertainment, internet, and telephone service, while businesses receive cost-effective broadband solutions, such as data networking, internet access, telephones, and video and music entertainment options. As a large employer with expansive networks of customers and diverse services, positions become readily available on a consistent basis. Jobs primary involve sustaining interest in technology and customer support. Additional employment opportunities reside in management and throughout corporate operations.

Valued employees possess integrity, honesty, and character. With the vision of providing the best service in America, Charter Communications established processes to guide talented individuals into providing timely solutions for customers. Staff members support the values and mission of the company by genuinely assisting in any way possible. Ideal workers exhibit teamwork while demonstrating ownership and personal accountability. Constant company growth requires employees to embrace change and open-mindedness. A majority of the available openings require full-time hours; however, part-time positions also represent viable options for work.

Charter Communications Employment and Salary Information

Each position upholds varying educational requirements. Most entry-level openings require high school diplomas or equivalents; however, in some cases, work experience may suffice. Previous experience in a chosen field proves as a direct advantage in acquiring a position and negotiating salary. A driver’s license and clean driving record also proves crucial, depending on the job. Each employee interacts with customers through direct and indirect relations and should maintain professionalism at all times. Regularly available positions include the following:

Customer Service Representative

  • Engaging directly with customers in a call center environment requires exceptional verbal communication skills.
  • Representatives resolve issues related to internet and video products as well as solicit other product lines and services.
  • Employees operate under monthly performance goals encouraging productivity and offering commissions on sales.
  • Uncapped commission earnings allow personable employees the opportunity to extend incomes.
  • By exceeding expectations, associates often increase base pay rates of $11.00 an hour to almost $28.00.
  • With no experience required, applicants must enjoy working in office environments while answering in-bound calls.
  • Most of the call centers operate 24 hours a day and need workers with flexible availability.

Direct Sales Representative

  • Targeting new customers through door-to-door solicitation, sales representatives easily understand the products and recognize customer needs.
  • Assigned territories require associates to own reliable transportation and travel extensively.
  • Individuals passionate about communication technologies fare well in the aggressive marketplace.
  • With a majority of time spent outdoors, applicants must expect to encounter inclement weather on occasions.
  • Weekends, evenings, and overtime require dedicated and driven individuals available to make time suffices.
  • Due to the nature of sales, annual salary options may range from $18,000 to $60,000 based on associate abilities to foster favorable relations with clients.

Warehouse Technician

  • Ideal for the physically capable worker, warehouse technician jobs maintain control of incoming and outgoing shipments.
  • Lifting 40 pounds to 60 pounds, sometimes as much as 80 pounds, along with the ability to safely use weight-bearing equipment proves necessary.
  • Employees may also bend, squat, and kneel.
  • Technicians prepare inventory for shipments, perform cycle counts, stage materials, and process inbound receipts.
  • Basic mathematics and computer skills assist in completing daily tasks.
  • Like most warehouse environments, workers should expect dust, fluctuating temperatures, and high noise levels.
  • Normally offered as full-time positions, warehouse technician jobs offer hourly wages of $11.00 to $14.00.
  • Preferred applicants possess experience with cable products and services.

Tips For Applying

Interested candidates begin the application process by building online profiles and uploading resumes, which prepopulate parts of the application form. For particular positions, an online assessment completed at the time of applying may require applicants to demonstrate skill levels. Job hopefuls may submit multiple applications for different positions based on qualifications and interest. Completing profiles also allows qualified contenders the option of receiving notifications about future openings. Errors and omissions require withdrawing and resubmitting the form online. Charter Communications values people with ambitious career goals. Candidates should fit into the culture of the company clearly displaying interest in serving customers.

Application Status

Only the most qualified candidates receive phone calls from hiring managers. Due to the large number of submissions for each opening, candidates not meeting minimum requirements receive email notifications. Typically individuals obtain phone calls within a week or two; however, each location processes applications differently and wait times may extend to over a month. Assertive job seekers may make appearances in-person to follow up on the statuses of positions.

Benefits of Working at Charter Communications

Healthcare coverage includes dental, vision, and medical insurance. Interested personnel also develop eligibility for:

  • 401(k) retirement plans,
  • Long-term disability, and life insurance.
  • Paid time off, to include vacation time, personal days, and holidays, encourages work-life balance.
  • Associates receive free and discounted television, internet, and phone services.

Charter University provides higher learning to maximize development of committed employees. Additional training and support gives new hires the guidance and resources necessary to focus on connecting with customers.

Additional Details on Charter Communications

Charter our Community, a division of Charter Communications, helps the public at every available opportunity. Employees come together as volunteers to assist misfortunate families. With 2.6 million people living in unsafe housing conditions across the United States, the importance of maintaining safe and healthy homes justifies attention. The organization satisfies the mission by working on close to 9,000 nationwide projects and serving almost 582,000 people. By partnering with other non-profit organizations, Charter hopes to rehabilitate 25,000 houses before 2020. Impacted members of the community post inspirational stories to the company website.

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