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How to Get a Job at Charter Communications

The fourth-largest cable services provider in the country, Charter Communications needs to hire new employees constantly to maintain a workforce capable of serving more than five million customers in 25 states. Job seekers looking to work for the extensive telecommunications company must successfully complete the Charter Communications interview process, which includes several phases. Each stage of the interview process is tailored to specific Charter Communications jobs, including technician, sales, and customer service positions. Depending on the position desired, applicants may need to complete multiple Charter Communications job interviews conducted in a variety of formats.

For most candidates, the Charter Communications interview process typically opens with phone screenings and online assessments. The order in which the two evaluations occur generally varies by location. Charter Communications phone interviews primarily serve as basic screenings to ensure applicants meet the basic requirements of desired jobs. The online assessments, which interviewees usually access via email, feature various questions and exercises relevant to specific employment opportunities offered by the cable operator. Potential broadband technicians, for example, encounter technical questions about weights, pulleys, gears, and electricity on Charter Communications skills assessments.

After successfully completing preliminary phone screenings and skills tests, applicants move on to in-person Charter Communications interviews, which are ordinarily conducted either one-on-one or by a panel of hiring managers. Interviewees generally field questions regarding their previous jobs and their ability to meet the needs of Charter Communications customers. "Describe a time when you knew you were right but your boss disagreed with you; what did you do?" and "How do you usually deal with customer complaints?" exemplify some of the more popularly asked Charter Communications interview questions. Other common queries, such as, "What is the most difficult problem you had to solve at work?" and "How would you persuade someone to switch to Charter Communications?" center on specific skills applicable to working for the cable services provider.


  • Charles Guenther says:

    I have been trying to find a web site to apply for cable install. please e-mail me one thank you Chaz .

  • chris peppers says:

    I cant figure out how to apply for an in-house position for the Albertville office. The lady at the office said to go to and click My Careers but I cant find the application.

  • O'Quinn says:

    I was interested in a cable installer job. Just wondering where to find this type of job on your site, and if you have any positions for installer available? Thanks!

  • Jonathon Culpepper says:

    I recently had an interview with Charter in Slidell LA. It went great, and the manager told me to be expecting a call that I probably had the job. How long does it take to hear back? It has only been a week… Is that normal?

    • sss says:

      I had an interview with them last week(1 week and 2 days), still expecting a call.

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