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As one of the four largest consumer banking chains in the United States, CHASE employs thousands of workers and hires new associates continually to maintain a workforce capable of serving roughly 21 million households nationwide. The financial services provider operates more than 5,600 bank branches across the country, with each location needing to hire and retain an effective team of employees.

Facts About Working at CHASE

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at CHASE?)

Available Positions: Teller, Mortgage Loan Officer, Customer Service Representative, Customer Care Professional I, Sales Assistant, Personal Banker, Loan Servicer I, Bank Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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CHASE Employment Opportunities

CHASE branch banking jobs center on customer service. Each branch office uses a standardized hiring process to recruit the most qualified tellers, personal bankers, and managers possible. While the qualifications and responsibilities of bank associates vary by job title, every employee works to help customers achieve personal financial goals. Entry-level positions, like teller jobs, generally prove simple to obtain as long as applicants possess at least six months of cash handling experience. On the other hand, careers in personal banking and branch management typically require a year or more of work experience in retail, finance, or related fields.

Working at a CHASE bank branch demands proficiency in listening and communicating, as employees must develop and maintain relationships with customers. Job seekers pursuing employment with the national consumer banking chain must also possess friendly, engaging personalities necessary for establishing rapport with clients. In addition to providing opportunities to help a variety of customers on a daily basis, the financial services company furnishes workers with several attractive employment benefits including outstanding pay. Entry-level associates earn hourly pay rates well above the federal minimum wage, while managers and other bank leaders each enjoy a generous annual salary.

CHASE Jobs and Salary Information

Depending on the specific staffing needs of the branch location, CHASE hires employees as either part-time workers or full-time associates. The chain of retail banks imposes a minimum hiring age of 18 and requires high school diplomas or GEDs of all candidates. Some locations in particularly diverse neighborhoods prefer to hire applicants capable of speaking a designated language in addition to English. The list below highlights some of the most popular entry-level jobs available as well as career options for experienced banking professionals:


  • As the first point of contact for most arriving customers, tellers play a major role in shaping the overall banking experience.
  • Teller jobs involve assisting customers with everyday transactions, such as cashing checks and making deposits.
  • The entry-level position also entails helping customers with basic account upkeep and answering questions about various banking promotions and services.
  • Prospective employees must either possess six months of cash handling experience or verify current enrollment in a college degree program.
  • The ability to work standard banking hours, which include some evening and weekend shifts, also serves as a prerequisite to employment.
  • Tellers earn hourly pay generally ranging from $10.00 to $13.00. Read more about the Chase teller job including interview with former employee.

Personal Banker

  • Personal bankers work to identify the financial needs of customers.
  • Primary responsibilities range from opening new accounts and recommending appropriate financial services to addressing customer service issues and working as tellers during peak transaction periods.
  • Personal bankers also work closely with other specialized associates, like financial advisors and loan officers, to make sure customers receive the most comprehensive service possible.
  • Potential workers should possess either a college degree or at least a year of experience in customer service or retail sales.
  • Pay rates for personal bankers typically hover between $14.00 and $17.00 per hour.


  • Candidates with two or more years of financial management experience in a retail bank may qualify for employment as a branch manager.
  • Responsible for developing successful employees while increasing the profits of the bank, branch managers remain involved in every aspect of running a local financial services firm.
  • Managerial job duties include analyzing and improving the performance of the branch office, creating action plans, interacting with new and existing customers, and developing long-term business relationships.
  • Branch managers also hire and coach entry-level associates, create positive work environments, and hold employees accountable for following company policies and procedures.
  • In addition to holding multiple years of bank management experience prospective branch managers should possess proven track records of increasing the sales or performance of former workplaces.
  • CHASE strongly prefers managerial candidates with college degrees, as well.
  • Assistant branch managers earn about $40,000 in annual salary, while the average salary for a general branch managers falls around $60,000 or $70,000 per year.

Tips for Applying

To apply online for CHASE jobs, applicants must create profiles by coming up with a username and password at the company careers website. Clicking the Apply Now button found at the bottom of each job listing automatically prompts unregistered users to create the necessary profile. After creating a username and password, candidates encounter the online application form, which includes sections for personal information, basic qualifications, job-specific questions, education, work experience, and an assessment, among other items. Job seekers may fill out the form manually or by taking advantage of an online system capable of extracting relevant information from social media services like LinkedIn. In addition to login information for LinkedIn candidates should work ahead of time to gather details of work and academic history, resumes and other pertinent attachments, and the four most recent addresses of residence.

Application Status

CHASE makes checking on the status of applications easy for job seekers after submitting applications. Candidates must simply log into personal profiles with the usernames and passwords created at the start of the application process. After logging back in, applicants need to click on the button labeled My Jobs to see the status of positions applied for previously.

Benefits of Working at CHASE

As one of the leading financial services firms in the country, CHASE boasts the resources necessary for offering a full range of employment benefits.

  • The consumer banking chain extends health benefits, like medical plans, life insurance, maternity and paternity leave, and dependent care spending accounts, to all eligible associates.
  • Qualified workers also take advantage of various wellness programs, such as health coaches, screenings and assessments, counseling and assistance services, and tobacco cessation initiatives.
  • The financial services provider maintains 401(k) retirement plans and employee stock purchase programs for select associates, as well.

Additional Information on CHASE

The commercial banking segment of JPMorgan Chase & Co., CHASE operates as part of a global company with a presence in over 60 countries. Within the United States, the chain of retail banks provides financial services to one out of six Americans and maintains roughly 5,600 branch offices as well as 20,000 ATMs nationwide. The financial services provider also serves as the creditor to more than 64 million cardholders and employs over 160,000 workers.


  • Mike J. says:

    I am a current employee of Chase and I cant tell you that there are some great positions with this company….. I work in the Call Center as a Banker Services Rep starting out at $13.70 Hr. So when and if you get hired on with Chase there is great opportunity. They start the Call Center/NON-Banker Positions off making at least 40,000 Yr. For Security Purposes I will not post my real name but if you have any questions about this blog please don’t hesitate to put them in the site here, and I will try and answer them to the nest of my ability

  • Parvin frozani says:

    I like to work at Chase Bank, because Chase has good service for customers and nice employees.

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