CheckSmart Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at CheckSmart

CheckSmart applicants generally encounter brief hiring procedures when interviewing for available jobs. The entire interview process lasts no more than two weeks and features 1:1 interviews to screen candidates. Each interview may take only 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Most candidates only sit through a single interview for employment consideration. Typical protocol places applicants and hiring managers in informal settings with light, casual conversation at start. Interviews later move on to more intensive subject matter, which often ranges from specifics of the job title to general information regarding the financial services industry.

Common Interview Practices

Basic queries posed during CheckSmart job interviews cover topics like availability, professional motives, and sales skills. Some former applicants report selling random objects like pens or notebooks to hiring staff as mock-sales exercises.

Examples of CheckSmart Interview Questions

Specific interview questions vary from situational prompts like, "If a customer were to become upset and irate, how would you handle the situation?" to thoughts on the position desired, such as, "Do you have any expectations of working for CheckSmart?" Respond to each interview question truthfully and to the best of known abilities. Candidates able to parlay related job skills and industry knowledge may gain preferential treatment from interviewers.

What to Wear and How to Act

Conservative, formal attire best suits aspiring employees. Show patience, exercise gratitude, and demonstrate strong sales and interpersonal skills to further impress hiring personnel during the hiring process.

Does CheckSmart Drug Test?

Some locations may drug test and perform background checks on potential new-hires.


  • Ann says:

    Always bring your ss# and valid government issued ID.
    High School deploma/G.E.D. required for entry level positions.
    Must be 18+ yrs. old to apply.
    Dress PROFESSIONAL for interview. Cover tattoos, remove any facial piercings.
    CheckSmart will ask you to submit to drug test, credit check, and criminal background checks.
    A math test was required and a part of their application. No calculators allowed!
    Pay will range, based on experience.

  • annonymous says:

    Interview with the store manager first, they just ask your flexibility in schedule and what not, your required to do a background check and credit check, second interview goes through a district manager and then your paper work gets sent up to the corporate office. depending on how busy the district manager is , determines when your second interview will take place. im still waiting on a call back for my second interview, its been about a week for since my first interview.

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