Cheney Brothers Inc. Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Cheney Brothers

Cheney Brothers carries out numerous rounds of job interviews in the hiring process. Workers may face pre-screen phone interviews prior to meeting with hiring personnel. Both one-to-one and panel interviews prove commonplace during the hiring process. The foodservice company may impose multiple rounds of interviews to determine which prospective workers fit best. Specific interview processes may vary by job title, though most candidates should expect to take part in more than one job interview and spend between one and four weeks completing every necessary step for employment consideration.

Typical Interview Questions

Interview questions commonly focus on work history, customer service skills, education, and any relevant experience in the food service industry. Inquiries used in job interviews may include, "What tasks did you perform at your previous job?" or "What draws you to work in the foodservice industry?" Other Cheney Brothers interview questions touch on similar subjects related to past jobs. Managerial candidates may face prompts related to leadership abilities. Once the interview process culminates, the foodservice company routinely conducts both drug screening and background checks. Applicants often wait on pending results for full hiring consideration.

How to Increase Your Odds

Arrive at Cheney Brothers job interviews on time and with a desire to make a good impression. Appropriate apparel for the interview process includes business-professional attire. Maintain confident and personable demeanors throughout each sessions and show genuine interest in the desired job and company culture. Understanding of the food service industry greatly benefits prospective workers. Many job seekers receive employment offers within a week or so of completing the final interview stage. Depending on the number of desirable applicants, candidates may not hear back from the foodservice company for a month or more.

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