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From subcompact automobiles to medium-duty commercial trucks, Chevrolet guarantees excellence in each and every vehicle sold or leased. Customer satisfaction leads the company mission, which requires employees to become the driving force behind company success.

Facts About Working at Chevrolet

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Chevrolet?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Car Detailer, Office Manager, Collision Estimator, Service Technician, Sales Consultant, Supervisor in Training, Inventory Control Specialist, Group Leader, Accountant, Financial Analyst, Process and Technical Support Associate, Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Supervisor, Inspector, Inspection Supervisor

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Chevrolet Car Dealership Job Opportunities

Also known as Chevy, the dealership acts as an American automobile division of General Motors. Chevrolet started on November 3, 1911, by founders William Durant and Louis Chevrolet. The company operates in over 140 countries with global sales of nearly 4.76 million vehicles annually. Hundreds of vehicle lines allow the company to become iconic and develop name recognition amongst passionate drivers. Popular cars such as the 1914 Chevrolet Royal Mail Roadster or 1959 Chevrolet Camaro demonstrate a commitment to customers. Community outreach further displays a promise to support customers and members of surrounding areas by any means possible. Global popularity generates widespread access to international job opportunities featuring competitive pay and employment benefits. Workers readily find positions available at dealerships across the country and throughout the world in addition to design, tech, and administrative opportunities in the auto manufacturer home offices.

Dedicated team members operate as the force behind everything from technology and manufacturing to marketing. Thousands of employees design, build, and sell the vehicles throughout the world, which allows Chevrolet to reach top production and profitability. Workers must adapt to rapid change, which allows the company to stay competitive in the automotive industry. Inclusion and diversity create family-like work environments where people of varying backgrounds feel welcomed to actively participate.

Chevrolet Employment and Wage Information

Qualified candidates must meet age requirements of at least 18 years old. High school graduates and individuals possessing equivalents satisfy educational credentials. Due to the nature of most positions, applicants displaying top-notch customer service frequently find opportunities more readily available. Positions commonly accessible with the dealership include the job titles listed below:

Call Center Representative

  • Incoming phone and internet leads generate showroom traffic and potential buyers and leasers.
  • Representatives manage online customers from the website, dealer, manufacturer, and third party sites.
  • Employees must adhere to phone and email scripts while not sounding robotic or unwelcoming.
  • Candidates looking to become part of a winning dealership team earn pay rates around $12.00 to $13.00 an hour.
  • Ideal applicants read customers well and relate easily to arrays of personalities and backgrounds.
  • On the job training allows staff to maximize customer care and profitably of locations.

Deal Processor

  • Hourly wages from $10.00 to $12.00 accompany positions involving the processing of vehicle deals.
  • Deal processors need to possess computer literacy, basic knowledge of accounting, mathematical aptitude, and excellent oral communication skills.
  • Self-motivated individuals organize paperwork for each deal and check for signatures, verifiable VINs, and general completeness.
  • Associates handle receipts for new and used vehicles trades, as well.
  • Team members must follow safety procedures accurately and report any accidents to supervisors.
  • Each candidate must qualify by passing background checks and credit reports.

Sales Consultant

  • Throughout the entire process, sales consultants eagerly assist customers with each step of the experience.
  • Associates must consult each client with specific needs and wants to guarantee satisfaction at the end of the process.
  • An extensive amount of paperwork may require employees to run credit check applications, process transaction papers, and offer appraisals.
  • Workers intensely focus on the customer by finding solutions to challenges and particular needs.
  • Exceptional speaking and active listening skills deem necessary for such positions.
  • Salary packages climb to a generous amount of $37,000 annually for individuals able to sell tactfully and increase commission profits.

Tips For Applying

Chevrolet consistently seeks out dedicated visionaries to fill roles within the company. Potential employees conduct keyword searches for entry-level careers. Advisably, workers should utilize social media platforms to stay current on the latest career news. After applicants locate jobs fitting skills, individuals submit credentials by creating profiles with usernames and passwords. Profiles take approximately 20 minutes to fill out and include attaching resumes and defining information about history and educational experience. Other potential avenues of applying include arriving in-person to fill out paper application or attending recruiting events through job fairs and colleges.

Application Status

Recruiting teams work diligently to identify potential qualities in each applicant. To locate the best fit, hiring leaders compare the requirements of the position to the previous experience, skills, and education of candidates. Behavior-based interview processes demonstrate personal and professional competencies. Within one to 12 business days, managers conduct phone screens with the best-matched aspirants. Three business days later, qualified contenders receive invitations to in-person interviews. Job offers extend to employment seekers passing interviews typically within three to five days. Typically, if prospective workers contact hiring managers through phone or email to receive updates on statuses of application, the hiring process speeds up considerably.

Employment Rewards for Chevrolet

Employees secure futures through comprehensive job benefits packages from the very first day working for Chevrolet. Workers and family members receive health coverage with multiple medical insurance plans to choose from.


  • 401(k) retirement plans along with life insurance
  • disability, and tax-advantaged health savings accounts offer security to staff members.

Generous paid time off fluctuates depending on the length of employment and ranges from three weeks to six weeks. Team members also maintain the potential to earn approximately 16 paid holidays.

Additional employment benefits consist of:

  • Associate assistance programs
  • Tuition reimbursement, and
  • Discounts on vehicles.

More Information on Chevrolet

During the holiday season of 2014, Chevrolet teamed up with United Way to entice social media users to give back to the community. Facebook and Twitter members shared and retweeted a holiday message from Chevy with each share bringing $1 to United Way. A success previous years, the car dealership maintains close relations with United Way in hopes of satisfying the mission of improving communities and lives. The charity organization focuses on education, health, and financial stability essential for a good quality of life. Millions of people receive funds from the life-changing initiatives.


  • Haitham Elshakankiry says:

    Yes, I worked at a Chevrolet Car Dealership, as a Internal Audit Supervisor. My job duties were:-
    Monitoring and evaluating how well risks are being managed, the business is being governed and internal processes and controls are working. Conducting financial, compliance, performance, and operational audit assignments on different departments inside the organization and developing audit report on findings. Developing audit programs and testing procedures relevant to risk and test objectives. Ensuring audit conclusions are based on a complete understanding of the processes, circumstances and risks. Succeeded to conclude an assignment in 2 months period.

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