Chevrolet Dealership Job Interview Questions & Tips

General Interview Process Information

With over 4,000 dealers in the United States, Chevrolet remains one of the top automobile sellers in the country. Company dealerships frequently hire on new associates to fill sales, customer service, and technician openings to maintain the high sales and top-of-the-line service the GM division boasts. Applicants hoping to gain employment must first submit hiring requisition forms at local dealers. Hiring staff usually contacts qualified candidates to schedule interviews quickly, especially during staffing shortages. The popular GM division wants to hire associates with a zeal for selling and fixing Chevrolet automobiles, and applicants should prepare for interviews by learning everything they can about company products. The hiring process features interviews which may last up to an hour, depending on position and qualifications.

How to Get a Job at Chevrolet

While experience in the automotive industry remains helpful in gaining employment, most Chevrolet dealers implement well-rounded training processes for candidates who show promise for long-term careers. Hiring staff may focus more on personality and communication skills during sales and customer service interviews. Common prompts include, "What does Chevrolet mean to you?" and "How would you show a prospective buyer around without making them feel pressured?" Applicants may also field brand-related questions during the Chevrolet hiring process like, "Are you familiar with Chevrolet's latest advertising slogan?" and "What is Chevrolet's bestselling car or truck?" Answer interview questions honestly and concisely. Applicants should also demonstrate eagerness to join the team and communicate readiness to take on the challenge of the desired position.

Additional Considerations for Technicians

Technicians must hold the proper certifications and adequate experience to gain employment consideration from most dealers. Technician applicants must understand the brand as well as common problems mechanics face while working on Chevrolet automobiles. Potential technicians must often pass online assessments before hiring staff even consider candidates for interviews.

Basic Preparation Tips

Come ready to give examples of past experiences while answering interview questions. Thank the interviewer for her time at the end of the meeting, and follow up within a week if a hiring decision is not reached after the interview.


  • Nick says:

    To answer your question, first of all you should have stopped into the dealership ” dressed for success” shirt tie nice formal shoes and kackies to fill out the application rather than online, it would set you apart from everyone else. And if the dealership in and online only application process I would go there anyway dressed well and ask to speak to the sales manager. Once you’ve done this they will know who you are and what your like. They have a grace period of 90 days after your initial hire date you will be able to receive 3 sick days and one week vacation time. I hope this helped if any other questions arise please ask!

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