Chevron Interview Questions & Tips

Basic Steps of the Chevron Interview Process

Job seekers looking to apply with energy leader Chevron must first submit all the necessary hiring forms and information online or at a desired location. Recruitment managers generally contact eligible candidates within a few days of receiving hiring materials and extend invitations for candidates to attend 1:1 interviews. Job seekers hoping to fill customer service representative positions often sit through one brief interview before receiving job offers from the well-known fuel company.

How to Get a Job at Chevron

During interviews, managers often detail the job description and ask simple questions to ensure potential associates can fulfill position requirements and company expectations. In general, hiring managers look for candidates with reliable transportation, open schedules, and friendly qualities. Hiring personnel also pay special attention to applicant work history, references, and availability when reviewing employment requests.

Making Good Impressions and Answering Interview Questions

Interviewees should demonstrate respect for the interviewer's time by arriving punctually to meetings. Additionally, applicants who display well-kempt appearances usually make good first impressions with hiring personnel. Recruitment officials often begin meetings by prompting candidates with, "Tell me a little bit about yourself." After introductions, hiring personnel may pose inquiries like: "Why do you want to work here?", "Can you get to work on time?" and "Can you work nights and weekends starting out?" Questions generally prove straightforward in nature, and applicants should keep responses to the point, avoiding off-topic rants. Interviewees may take simple math assessments during the hiring process, as customer service associates must competently handle cash and issue change. Some applicants cite participating in drug screening and submitting to criminal background checks before beginning work at a Chevron service station.


  • Brian Efe says:

    What questions does chevron ask on hse/security

  • Ghassan says:

    Chemical Engineer with 5 years experience in oil Refinery

  • Gowit Chaimongkol says:

    Mechanical supervisor 12 years experience in refinery and power industries. I am looking for onshore and offshore job.

  • glenn chance says:

    I worked for Chevron for 14 years.


    What are the most common interview questions Chevron asks during their interview process? Please send them to me so that I can go through them.

  • Eyiowuawi Olalekan says:

    What is the educational level for applying for chevron job, i mean the lowest educational level, though i have national diploma and higher national diploma, what kind of job i can apply for in chevron ?

  • ella heath says:

    A friend is interviewing at Chevron in a few weeks for a construction PM position. He loves Chevron and is very excited for the possibility. Any interview tips or common interview questions. I highly appreciate any help. Thanks!

  • anonymous says:

    does chevron drug test?

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