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Chick-fil-A pdf application

What Should I Do With This Form?

The directions below will help you fill out a Chick-fil-A application. Hand deliver it to a nearby location afterwards. If you’d rather, find out how to apply online here. You can also begin the search for jobs close to you.

Why Apply for a Chick-fil-A Job?

Chick-fil-A offers entry-level jobs to those seeking part-time or full-time positions. The restaurant frequently hires servers and cooks. Candidates can apply in almost every state in the country. Download the PDF application above to start now.

Completing the Chick-fil-A Employment Application

Make sure to complete all sections of the application form prior to submitting. Use dark ink and print clearly to ensure that managers are able to read all answers.

Personal Information

This part asks the candidate for a name, address, and phone number. It includes questions about legal work status and desired hourly wages. Applicants have to specify if they are younger than age 18 as well. Chick-fil-A employees must be at least 16 years old.


Job hopefuls will state their availability on the Chick-fil-A application. Write down free times to work in the chart. It is important to be accurate because hiring managers look closely for scheduling conflicts.

Previous Employment History

Here, the applicant lists details about three past jobs. There are spots for pay rates and reasons for leaving. The form also asks if the person has ever worked for Chick-fil-A before.

Education & Personal Background

Potential hires need to list the schools they went to and degrees earned. Note any college experience, though it is not required for most entry-level jobs.

The application provides a space for any previous leadership roles or awards. Applicants may choose to show off personality traits, interests, and strengths.

Military Service

This portion allows those who have served in the military to record details of their duties. Anyone without an armed forces background simply checks the appropriate box and moves on.


Use this section to list reference names and contact info. The application needs four, but there is room for more. The people listed cannot be friends or family members. Instead, they should be professionals like teachers or work supervisors.


After completing the application, job hopefuls must read the statement and sign. A signature confirms that all information is correct and current. Signing also indicates candidates understand applying does not guarantee employment.

Finishing the Chick-fil-A Job Application

Filling out an application is the first step in what could become a Chick-fil-A career. Submitting the forms in person gives job seekers the opportunity to speak to a hiring manager. Doing so can make the interview process quicker and easier.

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