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Texas-based fast food concept Chicken Express boasts nearly 200 locations in the United States. Located mostly in the South, the successful restaurant chain enables employment seekers to find entry-level and management job titles common to the fast food industry.

Facts About Working at Chicken Express

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Chicken Express?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Cook, Dishwasher, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager, General Manager, Delivery Truck Driver, Marketing Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Chicken Express Job Opportunities

The fried chicken and Southern-style side options served at each location continue to bring patrons in for lunch and dinner. The chain needs employees to cook, clean, and assist customers continuously throughout shifts. Workers looking for jobs in the competitive industry should submit an application online today.

When filling out the application, job hunters give basic information about availability, level of education, and any past employment for recruitment personnel to review. Many associates cite obtaining first jobs with Chicken Express. Entry-level positions do not require applicants to possess previous experience or knowledge of the food service industry. The Southern restaurant chain hires applicants with friendly dispositions, upbeat attitudes, and promising work ethics.

Chicken Express often promotes hardworking associates to management positions like shift leader or assistant manager. While many restaurants impose age minimums on upper-level job contenders, managers sometimes promote workers as young as 16 to shift leader positions. Assistant managers or store managers may need to possess high school diplomas, valid driver’s licenses, and stand at least 18 years of age to earn hiring consideration with the regional fast food restaurant chain.

Chicken Express Positions and Salary Information

Chicken Express jobs help young workers build solid employment foundations and customer-service skills. More experienced candidates may apply for managerial roles for the opportunity to build a meaningful career in the fast food industry. The company often hires new associates to take on the following job titles:

Team Member

  • Team member associates serve as the face of Chicken Express when performing cashier duties.
  • Cashier tasks include greeting customers, taking orders, offering helpful suggestions, and operating cash registers.
  • Team members also perform cooking duties, food prep, and cleaning tasks, as well.
  • Associates typically start out making minimum wage and earn upwards of $8.00 per hour with experience.

Shift Leader

  • Shift leaders perform the same duties as team members as well as a few additional responsibilities.
  • Often called “Shifts”, associates frequently carry out opening and closing duties, supervise employees, and ensure customer satisfaction by dealing with complaints and other issues.
  • Though Chicken Express may hire younger associates to fill shift leader jobs, employees may need to stand at least 18 years of age to perform opening and closing tasks.
  • Wages for shift leaders usually hover around $9.00 or $10.00 an hour.


  • Managers prepare employee schedules, recruit and train new workers, ensure proper inventory, handle payroll, and alleviate difficult customer-related situations.
  • Upper-level associates also take responsibility for creating positive work environments and empowering subordinates to perform well.
  • Assistant managers and general managers typically collaborate on duties in order to complete tasks efficiently.
  • Assistants often earn hourly pay between $12.00 and $13.00, while general managers make annual salary between $45,000 and $52,000.

Tips For Applying

A simple and easy-to-navigate hiring form provides job hopefuls instant access to employment opportunities available at Chicken Express fast food restaurants. The Lone Star State staple offers printable applications for download to complete by hand. Take as much time as necessary to complete the documents and turn the filled in forms to the appropriate managers onsite at preferred locations. Ask questions when meeting with recruitment personnel and display personable attitudes, as most fast food positions require positive interactions with customers and coworkers alike.

Application Status

Most current and former employees cite the Chicken Express hiring process as straightforward. Candidates generally receive employment determinations within a week. Following up on applications may speed up the process even further. Call or visit storefronts after submitting the necessary materials to check up on application statuses. Reaching out by either means communicates added desires to work for the chain and may result in preferential treatment. However, keep in mind the fast-paced natures of the industry and limit follow ups to traditionally slower hours of operation.

Benefits of Working at Chicken Express

Associates enjoy food discounts and flexible scheduling options. Chicken Express employees may also become eligible for job benefits packages featuring medical insurance and 401(k) retirement plans after fulfilling company requirements or advancing to management positions. Many associates cite the valuable work experience gained at the regional restaurant chain as instrumental in facilitating career advancement in the food service industry, as well.

Further Information on Chicken Express

Constantly expanding, Chicken Express looks for talented franchisees to continue building the popular brand. The company keeps standards high and imposes a rigorous list of franchisee requirements on aspiring restaurant owners. Requirements include an impressive work history, the necessary funds to open a franchise, and a solid business plan. As part of the company franchise philosophy, owners must also play a major role in store operations to ensure quality food and customer service at all times.


  • Azareia Herrera says:

    i love my job working at chicken express its the best thing that ever happened to me….great people to meet…good hours…great pay….its all i have ever wanted

  • Melvin Lopez says:

    I’ve worked at Chicken Express in the past , it was a great experience. Meeting new people, sharping your skill on the (art) craft you. Just a great environment.

    • Sharon Folmar says:

      I have loved working for the different Chicken Express. I have recently moved to Burleson Tx and now I am applying for a job here

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