Chicken Express Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Chicken Express

Chicken Express hires workers based largely on how performance during employee job interviews, which often last only 10 or 20 minutes. Prospective crew members typically meet with a manager or general hiring representative individually while interviewing with the Southern fast food restaurant chain. Interviewers usually conduct the meeting as a traditional question-and-answer session including everything from basic queries about availability and work history to specific questions requiring common knowledge of customer service and everyday restaurant operations. Entry-level job seekers normally interview just once before receiving formal offers of employment, sometimes as soon as the interview finishes.

Open Availability and Customer Service

Like many fast food restaurant chains, Chicken Express prefers to hire job seekers with open or flexible scheduling. Hiring managers often spend most of the interview asking candidates about any potential scheduling issues conflicting with working at the restaurant. Interviewees frequently need to explain motives for choosing the fried-chicken chain as a possible workplace and share examples of outstanding customer service or problem solving skills from personal experience. Depending on the franchise hosting the interview, applicants may also answer questions containing basic math problems.

Act Professionally and Speak Clearly

Make a favorable impression on Chicken Express hiring officials by dressing and acting professionally for the interview. Make eye contact with the interviewer and answer all questions with clarity, honesty, and brevity throughout the process. Remain focused and clearly relate unique skills and experiences to the qualifications expected in new employees. Managers occasionally hires job seekers immediately following the first interview and usually wait no more than two or three weeks to make final decisions.


  • Julian says:

    do you pay $300 a week

  • Cha'Kevia Perry says:

    How much do we start off with getting paid if i am 15 years old, do i get paid minimum wage?

  • Ananamouse says:

    Yes Chicken Express drug tests and they take their jobs very seriously there. Don’t apply if you think you can goof off.

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