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Founded in 1967, Childtime Learning Centers stands as a division of Gerber Products Corporation. By influencing and inspiring children, the childcare center employs dedicated teams to ensure successful operation. Full-time and part-time positions open regularly for compassionate individuals.

Facts About Working at Childtime Learning Center

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Childtime Learning Center?)

Available Positions: Driver, Food Specialist, Teacher, Lead Teacher, Part-Time Teacher, Assistant Teacher, Administrative Assistant, Assistant Director, Technology Specialist, Facilities Coordinator, Child Care Director, Director in Training, Preschool Child Care Director, Executive Assistant, Treasury Analyst

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Childtime Learning Center Job Opportunities

Offering childcare from six weeks of age to 12 years old, Childtime hires highly trained teachers to guarantee the proper development of children. Staff members provide home-like environments where young ones feel comfortable and safe. More than 200 learning centers, conveniently close to work-related buildings, operate across the country. The parent company, Learning Care Group, Inc., ranks as one of the largest for-profit early childhood care providers in the United States. Job opportunities stand available in numerous fields, such as teaching, cooking, driving, and managing.

The centers employ staff members able to utilize the Reggio Emilia approach to childcare, which consists of building secure relationships with respectful adults, which allows children to develop connections and trust. The technique, designed to support growth as students and beyond school, allows young ones to feel secure and safe while engaging in open communication. Employees should update parents along the way and must feel comfortable interacting with both adults and children. Prized workers remain confident with large groups of kids and successfully keep attention.

Employment and Salary Facts for Childtime Learning Centers

Due to the nature of positions, candidates must conform to background checks and fingerprinting. Referrals and references generally assist in gaining employment, as well. Certain positions, such as driving ones, require applicants to stand over the age of 21 years old. Most entry-level positions demand high school diplomas or equivalents. Only individuals with caring, compassionate demeanors receive consideration for openings. Below sits frequently available entry-level job titles:

Assistant Teacher

  • Salary options range from $8.00 to $9.00 an hour with the proper experience and education.
  • Degrees in early childhood education or child development offer competitive edges; however, one to two years of experience working with children may waive education requirements.
  • Teachers must genuinely care about helping families and children succeed.
  • Communication with parents stands essential in the growth of young ones.
  • Assistant teachers must also follow licensing guidelines and company standards in order to ensure the daily care of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school agers.
  • Classrooms should be kept clean and organized throughout the entire day.

Food Specialist

  • Creators of home-style, nutritious meal plans, food specialists base menus around the budget of the school as well as state and federal necessities, so delicious meals and snacks stand available for children and staff members.
  • The inventory of food and supplies should remain monitored by the food specialist and items reordered when low in stock.
  • Hourly wages climb to $10.00 an hour if candidate possess experience in childcare centers or a cooking establishment.
  • Individuals without experience enjoy salary packages around $8.00 an hour.
  • Aspirants should maintain basic cooking knowledge and hold familiarity with various kitchen appliances.
  • Friendly, upbeat job seekers find employment easily as position comes in contact with young, impressionable children frequently.

Vehicle Driver

  • By ensuring the safety of children, drivers provide transportation from one educational facility to another.
  • Employees utilize company-provided buses or vans to accomplish safe delivery.
  • Staff members must also maintain vehicle functionality routinely.
  • School directors and vehicle drivers unite together to implement safety procedures, as well.
  • Impeccable driving records with no violations hold mandatory for incoming workers.
  • Ideally individuals possessing previous childcare experience fare better against the competition.
  • Pay rates for positions start at $9.00 an hour and may reach upward of $12.00 with no experience required.

Tips For Applying

The Learning Care Group manages the career portal for candidates seeking employment at Childtime. Thorough searches based on type of work, learning center, keywords, and locations allow users to browse through positions meeting desired qualifications. To apply for positions, applicants register with basic information and email addresses. Individuals may upload resumes and cover letters or even import profiles from LinkedIn. Other options include sending the opening to a friend through email or posting the opportunities on social network sites. If interested in making an in-person appearance, job hopefuls should remain professional and arrive during slower times, avoiding drop off, pick up, and lunchtime hours.

Application Status

Hiring processes generally take from one week to over four weeks, depending on the location and demand for the position. Applicants may arrive in-person to request status updates on applications or call the location of interest with inquires. Candidates may apply for multiple locations and positions based on interests and experience, as well. If opportunities fill, contenders should sign up for email alerts to locate recent openings. Hiring managers contact qualified aspirants through telephone to schedule face-to-face interviews.

Benefits of Working for Childtime Learning Centers

Depending on the hourly status of the employee, work benefits range considerably for full-time and part-time workers. Medical insurance extends only to full-time staff members; however, dental and vision coverage remains accessible to both.

Team members may also receive:

  • Basic life insurance
  • Employee assistance programs
  • 401(k) retirement plans, and discounted childcare

Individuals with full-time hours earn additional benefits like long-term disability, educational assistance, and paid time off. Qualified candidates hold the opportunity to move into advanced careers within Childtime and obtain regular staff training.

More information about Childtime Learning Centers

To help children reach full potential, Childtime developed the concept Grow Fit, a nutrition and physical activities program. Parents commonly express concerns regarding the development of children, articles supported by the program identify specific questions and provide informative and insightful answers. Categories such as health and safety, guiding behavior, the art of parenting, child development, and educational journey organize material for easy locating. In one particular article, parents learn how to deal with challenging behaviors, while in another potty training holds the spotlight. Experts in the childcare field write about experiences and knowledge gained from spending years interacting with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school agers.

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