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Chili's always needs to hire entry-level workers to join a dedicated and energetic team. Hiring managers look for candidates with a positive attitude, dependability, flexibility, and great customer service skills. Common positions offered at Chili's restaurants include food server, host, and cook jobs.

Facts About Working at Chili's

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Chili's?)

Available Positions: Waiter, Waitress, Hostess, Bartender, Cook, Prep Cook, Line Cook, Dishwasher, Kitchen Manager, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Chili’s Job Opportunities

As a major employer in the restaurant industry, Chili’s provides thousands of jobs across the country featuring competitive pay and flexible scheduling. Workers primarily fill entry-level hosting, serving, dishwashing, and line cook roles available with the chain upon hire. Dedicated employees or experienced professionals may also apply for work in restaurant management offering annual salary options, full-time hours, and access to job benefits packages. Restaurants like Chili’s serve as ideal opportunities for part-time or supplemental job seekers to make some extra income and gain experience simultaneously.

In addition to domestic job opportunities, workers enjoy options for employment abroad in more than 30 countries around the world. A growing network of franchises spurred by corporate expansion plans also provide work opportunities in new and exciting areas. Regardless of locale, job settings feature fun, eclectic, and fast-paced operations centered on customer service and efficiency. Applicants must maintain open schedule availability and willingness to work nights, weekends, and holidays to gain employment. Beyond scheduling preferences, the restaurant chain imposes no real hiring requirements and regularly looks for individuals with and without prior experience.

Chili’s Employment and Pay Information

The up-tempo work environments, competitive base pay scales, and flexible scheduling options of Chili’s jobs serve as regular draws for employment hunters. Applicants meeting the minimum age criteria of 18 qualify for restaurant and managerial jobs. Vacancies regularly occur in the following positions:


  • Chili’s servers cater to patrons and run food and drinks to tables.
  • The position involves standing or walking for long periods of time, working with the general public, and maintaining positive, professional attitudes.
  • Energetic and self-motivated individuals often find the most success as servers.
  • Strong memorization skills may prove favorable, as well.
  • Servers work part-time in most cases and maintain varying shifts depending on staffing needs, which often includes weekends.
  • The popular restaurant chain pays servers the federal minimum wage for tipped employees, or $3.00 to $4.00 an hour, with added gratuities.

Consult the Chili’s server job description to learn more about becoming part of restaurant wait staff.

Line Cook

  • Another part-time entry-level position, the title of line cook incorporates the expediency of server jobs with primarily culinary responsibilities.
  • Job duties revolve around preparing supplies and garnishes for meals and working alongside chefs to produce menu items.
  • Line cooks also ensure clean and sanitary work settings.
  • Taking out garbage, wiping down cooking surfaces after use, and cleaning utensils used in food preparations represent key tasks undertaken to maintain clean back-of-house operations.
  • Upon hire, line cooks may make anywhere from $9.00 to $11.00 hourly, depending on previous experience.


  • Some Chili’s locations may make exceptions to the traditional minimum hiring age and consider candidates for hosting jobs as young as 16.
  • The position mainly requires greeting customers upon entry and managing seating charts.
  • Hosts also answer questions regarding menu items and company policies.
  • Applicants should possess outgoing, personable, and attentive demeanors.
  • No previous and/or formal experience proves necessary for employment.
  • Most hosting jobs feature part-time hours and entry-level pay hovering around minimum wage.

Tips For Applying

Experience in the restaurant industry or connections with current employees greatly benefit aspiring workers. The chain honors employee referrals for most positions and often hires on the spot based on associate recommendations. To begin a career or part-time entry-level job with the renowned, international bar and grill chain, applicants should demonstrate sound customer service skills and the ability to maintain open, varying schedules. Familiarity with culinary practices may further laud candidates over others for positions involving food preparation.

Application Status

Job seekers regularly apply online using the web-based careers page hosted by parent company Brinker International. The job portal allows workers to create user profiles to return to hiring documents later, if needed. After providing emails and generating passwords, applicants may fill out employment forms and submit the materials directly to desired locations. On average, Chili’s hiring personnel respond to applications within a couple of days. Workers opting to fill out paper forms may receive immediate employment consideration and interview onsite. Following up with the chain by phone or email reinforces desires to join restaurant staff. Follow-up methods may include checking on the status of an outstanding application.

Benefits of Working at Chili’s

Regular opportunities for promotion, ongoing and compensated training, discounts on menu items, and competitive base pay serve as attractive draws to Chili’s jobs. Employees also enjoy flexibility in scheduling.

Qualified associates receive comprehensive work benefits packages consisting of:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • financial planning assistance, and
  • paid time off.

Specific employment benefits extended to eligible workers include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans,
  • Tuition assistance, medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug plans, and
  • Enrollment in employee assistance programs.

Additional Information on Chili’s

Chili’s parent company, Brinker International, also maintains Italian restaurant chain Maggiano’s Little Italy. Collectively, the restaurant conglomerate oversees close to 1,600 locations worldwide. Brinker trades on the NYSE as EAT and generates close to $3 billion in annual revenues. Restaurants formerly under the proprietorship of Brinker International include Taco Cabana, Flyer’s Island Express, Corner Bakery Cafe, and Big Bowl Asian Kitchen. Brinker International headquarters reside in Dallas, TX.


  • LaShawn Bulger says:

    i’m very interested in being a cook for Chili’s. I’ve printed me an application off and I’m going to turn it in today along with my resume and cover letter.I’ve worked as a cook/cashier/dishwasher in many different restaurants. I’m dependable and friendly with customers/co worker. I’ve enjoyed the cooking jobs that I have held in the past and I would be delighted to work in this capacity once again.

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