Chuck E. Cheese’s Cast Member

Chuck E. Cheese’s Cast Member Job Description & Interview

Job Description and Duties

What Does a Chuck E. Cheese’s Cast Member Do?

Associates working as cast members at Chuck E. Cheese’s dress up in various outfits, such as Chuck E. Cheese, Jasper T. Jowls, Mr. Munch, and Helen Henny. The position includes performing for children as part of live acts and entertaining guests.

Interacting With Customers

Chuck E. Cheese’s cast members also regularly pose for pictures with patrons. Applicants must possess personable, outgoing, and fun-loving personalities in order to work as cast members. Chuck E. Cheese’s imposes a minimum hiring age of 16.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do They Get Paid?

The popularity of Chuck E. Cheese’s characters provides great job opportunities for entry-level workers as cast members. On average, cast members earn hourly wages between $8.00 and $9.00.

Does Chuck E. Cheese Promote From Within?

Chuck E. Cheese’s regularly promotes associates into other various roles throughout restaurant locations, such as host, server, cook, and manager. Cast members with drive and passion for the brand may eventually assume roles offering annual salary options and lucrative job benefits.


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Chuck E. Cheese’s Customer Service Representative / Mascot Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Chuck E. Cheese’s CSR / Mascot: I was a customer service representative. Basically, it was just like a cashier. I also worked the salad bar, but towards the end of my time there, I was, I guess, promoted to doing the… actually being the Chuck E. Cheese, doing mascot work.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Chuck E. Cheese’s CSR / Mascot: Well, I arrive there, usually sign in, then I would sort of go straight to cashiering. And then during downtime, they’d ask me to do different things, because you’re all over the place working the ticket counter, helping customers, serving customers, doing salad bar, things like that.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Chuck E. Cheese’s CSR / Mascot: The application process was really simple. I went in one day and asked for an application. They gave me just like a standard Chuck E. Cheese application. I asked for like a couple of different applications, just because I wanted to make sure I was neat on my applications. My parents really emphasized being neat, and so I did a couple and just picked the best one and sent it in.

They called me back the next day or a few days after, I remember, and it was the first application that I put in. He said that he was really impressed by how neat it was. I guess, they don’t usually… I don’t know. People usually just fill it and send it in really quick.

But, the manager there asked me what I did in school, and I told them I was in a couple of clubs. And I think he asked me what my time availabilities were and I made sure that I was open on the weekends. I gave them a wide availability, and I think they really like that, I guess.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Chuck E. Cheese’s CSR / Mascot: Double check your applications, maybe even attach a resume or something to it – something that makes your stand out a little bit – because when they look at your application, they don’t know who you are, and they’re just basing it off what they see in front of them, including like your handwriting and stuff, so make sure that’s neat.

Make sure you kind of like… or, the atmosphere. Make sure you like the job that you do. Chuck E. Cheese was like my first choice, because I wanted to work with kids, and it’s an awesome place to work. I think that showed through my application.

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