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Hiring process information for an interview at Chuck E. Cheese's

How to Get a Job at Chuck E. Cheese's

The Chuck E. Cheese's interview process varies greatly depending on the position desired. Technicians and other maintenance-related applicants generally undergo a several-step hiring process, including phone interviews, online skills tests, and face-to-face interviews with hiring managers. Entry-level applicants typically participate in phone interviews and personal interviews. Managerial candidates also undergo personal interviews during the Chuck E. Cheese's hiring process.

Expected Timetables

Prospective employees should expect to hear back from a hiring manager about scheduling a job interview within a few days or no more than week after submitting the required applicant information to Chuck E. Cheese's.

Entry-Level Interview Formats

Crew member, party host, and game attendant positions generally involve 15 to 20 minute interviews with hiring personnel. Basic and informal, the hiring processes for entry-level jobs like crew member or game attendant include one onsite job interview used to gauge applicant interest in the position desired and company culture. Interview questions used during entry-level job interviews include: "Do you like to have fun at work?", "What do you already know about Chuck E. Cheese's?", and "Why do you want to work here?" Most entry-level applicants receive job offers by the end of the final interview or within a few days following.

Cast Member Interview Formats

The hiring process used for cast member positions varies slightly from crew member or party host jobs. Although an entry-level position, the restaurant chain takes great care to screen workers for cast member jobs. Applicants begin the hiring process by attending group interviews. Chuck E. Cheese's administers questionnaires for applicants to complete usually at the beginning of the group interview. Cast members should remember to bring writing utensils to the group interview, as management often does not supply candidates with pens or pencils. Bringing a personal writing tool also demonstrates preparedness. The cast member group interview then splits, with half of the crowd shown around the particular restaurant location, while the other half provide personal introductions and interact with hiring staff and fellow candidates.

What to Expect During the Group Interview for Cast Members

Group interview sessions traditionally consist of up to 50 applicants. During introductions, applicants get the opportunity to speak directly with general managers. The introduction part of the group interview also serves as a question and answer session in which applicants state reasons for wanting to work at Chuck E. Cheese's and personal interests or hobbies. In whole, the entire process takes about two and a half to three hours to complete.

Management Jobs

Job hopefuls looking for managerial careers with Chuck E. Cheese's often encounter employment questionnaires in the same vein as cast members. Managerial candidates generally fill out brief personality assessments immediately following submission of the required hiring materials, generally accessed online. The entertainment-oriented pizza chain uses the information gathered in both the hiring forms and the personality assessments to determine eligibility for job interviews. Personality assessments may include basic math questions in addition to behavioral inquiries based on hypothetical situations commonly encountered on the job. Interview questions found on the form may include: "Can you describe a time when you had trouble with a subordinate and how you handled the situation?", "What experience do you have as a manager?", and "If you've already helped a guest and they continue to demand help, even if it seems like there may not be a need, how would you address their concerns?"

Family Values and Professional Attitudes

As a family-oriented establishment, Chuck E. Cheese's wants to hire workers with professional, friendly, outgoing, and courteous attitudes. Smile during the job interview and keep consistent eye contact with the interviewer. Many applicants avoid mentioning working with kids and stick to professional motives for employment. Hiring managers stress parental approval as a major determinant of whether associates stay on at the pizza entertainment chain. Many locations shy away from potential workers with tattoos or noticeable piercings. Applicants may want to cover tattoos and remove piercings prior to initial job interviews in order to show desires to accommodate and follow company policies. Some locations require applicants to submit to background tests and drug screening, which typically conclude the formal interview process before the pizza chain extends formal job offers.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Hostess Interview Video

Chuck E Cheese Party Hostess Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Chuck E Cheese Party Hostess: I was a party hostess and I was also a kid check, which is when they stamp hands when you come inside. A party hostess is when little kids have birthday parties, you just introduce them to Chuck E Cheese and you help get them pizzas, and get them token, and stuff, and make their party experience really awesome.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Chuck E Cheese Party Hostess: It was really fun. Every hour, you get to dance with Chuck E, and then they throw out tickets at the end, and all the kids just like try and grab it up, and it’s really funny. There’s always music playing, so if you’re really bored at work and you need to have music playing, there’s a lot of fun stuff. There’s like light shows everywhere and people playing games. It’s never boring.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?
Chuck E Cheese Party Hostess: Probably, actually being Chuck E because people have to rotate being Chuck E. There’s not just one person. Then when you’re in the suit, everybody’s like, “Oh my gosh. Look. Chuck E’s here.” It’s just so funny to see people’s reactions. Some people, they’re just like crying when they see Chuck E because it’s like their idol or something. It’s just so funny.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Chuck E Cheese Party Hostess: The application is online. It’s really easy. You just type in your credentials and all the things that would normally be on an application. Then, you have to go through this kind of like quiz thing that just you pick answers that would basically describe what you would do in different situations. If you answer in a way that kind of isn’t appropriate, they would discuss that in the job interview if you get one.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Chuck E Cheese Party Hostess: What kinds of things you do extracurricular is the one that stands out. They also, they said, “Do you have a reliable source of transportation?” Because sometimes at the job, if they don’t have something, they’ll be like, “Hey you. It’s in the store and go get this real fast,” or something like that. Then they’ll call you and they’ll be like, “Hey. We need you to come in at this time. We’re going to call you in.” You need to have a reliable source of transportation for that too.

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?
Chuck E Cheese Party Hostess: I was always smiling. People like it when you smile. When people are like, “Whatever,” or just like standing in the back. If you smile, and you wave, and you just explain what your name is, and what you do, and stuff like that, people will be a lot nicer to you.

Interviewer: How were you notified that you received the job?
Chuck E Cheese Party Hostess: They called me and it took about three days. They were like, “Hey. We want to hire you,” or, “We want to give you a job interview.” Then, on spot on the interview they were like, “We’re going to hire you here today so you need to come in for your paper work and stuff.”

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Chuck E Cheese Party Hostess: If a parent gets really mad at you when you’re there, don’t take it too hard because it happens sometimes. For party hostess especially, they want their party to be perfect because they have a bunch of family members coming, and they just want it to be awesome and better than everyone else’s. If they get mad at you, just don’t take it too hard because it happens. Some people, they’re just really nice about it.

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  1. ashley

    What kind of questions are asked in the interview?

  2. mary

    My friend got a job there without any college so I believe just high school grad is the education requirement.

  3. India

    How do they feel about employes with tattoos?

  4. Ana

    Do Chuck E. Cheese’s do drug test?

  5. Krydtl

    I applied online for gameroom attendant and got called back after a few days (I only heard from one store I applied at) I got an interview, I dressed business casual (I’m a girl) black business slacks and a really nice shirt. I got there 5 mins early he was interviewing someone, they offered e a drink while I waited. When hiring manager approached me, (once he was 10 feet away) I stood up, smiled said hello and shook his hand. I followed him to a back table and sat down. He told me to tell him about myself, I told him I was charismatic, I work with a team well, and work well on my own. I know how to handle myself under stressful times, and that I work hard and I do my best. He asked why I applied for gameroom attendant, I told him I wanted a job that’s hands on, more to do, something to push me harder. I also mentioned my grandpa had taken me there as a kid, and to work there would be amazing because of those childhood memories. He asked if I would have a problem with wearing the chucky costume if I had to I said no. He told me about the uniform (you have to buy it) it’s red or navy or black polo with no design. black nonslip work shoes And black or kakhi/tan pants. He said he was hiring a few people and if I was one id get a call to come in for orientation on Monday. I got the call Thursday and my orientation with others hired is this monday. It is my first job.


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