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Chuy's pdf application

Benefits of Printing Chuy’s Job Application

Candidates can stand out in Chuy’s hiring process by completing printable job applications, which gives them the chance to meet and talk with managers and staff in-person. By handing in applications at the Tex-Mex restaurant, job seekers can display their personalities and interests in the job. Rather than submitting application forms online, candidates are encouraged to interact face-to-face with potential employers.

Completing PDF Applications for Chuy’s

Complete the whole application using blue or black ink. Write clearly and answer all prompts honestly. When candidates are finished filling out the forms, read them over to double check for accuracy and neatness. The applications are two pages long.

About You
To begin, job seekers provide basic contact information. This includes full names, social security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers. Also, applicants should note whether they have worked for Chuy’s before. Lastly, the section asks about rights to work in the country and past convictions, if any. Applicants are required to answer Yes or No.

About the Job
The following area asks job seekers to specify the position they want, number of hours they can work, desired pay, and potential start dates. Next, the form asks for available work shifts. Finally, there is room to mention any special skills or training.

Education & Experience
Next, applicants list high school and college educations they’ve received. The form provides space to include the school names, achieved degrees, and other details. The following section is about past jobs. When filling out this area, list most recent jobs first. Specify the company names, work descriptions, reasons for leaving, and other relevant facts.

References & Miscellaneous
As the application nears the end, references should be noted. Offer basic contact information for two trustworthy references, one of which must be business related. Always get permission from references before giving out their personal information. Lastly, there is a blank box where candidates can draw their favorite cartoon character.

Final Statement
Read over the company’s final statement, then sign and date. By signing, applicants agree that they completed the form truthfully and accurately. This also permits Chuy’s to investigate all given information.

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