Cinnabon Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Cinnabon

A recognizable name in the specialty food industry, Cinnabon brings on additional employees consistently. Candidates interested in customer service positions, such as cashier, team member, and baker, should submit hiring forms at a neighborhood location. The average interview lasts from 30 to 45 minutes, typically with a store manager, and may produce an on-the-spot hire, depending on the number of applicants vying for the same position. Otherwise, the typical hiring process usually lasts a week to ten days. Managerial candidates may experience a longer interview process and meet with more than one manager before hiring decisions become final. Applicants may need to complete background tests and drug screenings before receiving job confirmation.

Ideal Candidates and Interview Question Topics

Customer service candidates largely include associates who care for customers by taking orders, making change, and suggesting menu items. Applicants with prior customer care experience may stand above job seekers without such knowledge. Interviewees may face basic skills tests as well as personality tests to ensure suitability for positions. Interview questions may include, "Do you have experience working as a team?" and "If a customer says you got their order incorrect, how would you go about fixing it?" Candidates for customer service positions may receive job offers immediately or may need to remain in contact with hiring personnel via phone or email to confirm job status.

How Should I Act During Cinnabon Interviews?

Candidates should wear appropriate attire to all meetings with hiring personnel. Responses should remain direct and to the point and touch on any past work experience. Cinnabon hires well-rounded workers. Candidates should exhibit capabilities ranging from customer service to food preparation, if possible. Job seekers need to demonstrate energetic, fun-loving attitudes while speaking with hiring staff, as well. A relaxed, confident demeanor helps an interviewee appear in control and cool under pressure.

Considerations for Aspiring Managers

Workers seeking supervisory roles with Cinnabon should expect to face multiple interviews with hiring managers. Applicants should possess excellent interpersonal skills as well as knowledge of the industry. Interviewers often present aspiring managers with situations, such as, "An employee consistently calls off before their shift, how would you handle it?" and "A customer wants a refund, though they ate everything; what would you do?" Previous experience managing others as well as additional education may separate managerial candidates from other job seekers vying for similar positions.


  • tim dily says:

    I am worred about my interview at cinnabon. I could sure use some tips. I am not sure what cinnobon thinks important. I live right next to the mall so I really want this job so I can work after I go to my morning classes at university.

  • angel says:

    hey does any one know what will they ask in a phone interview???

  • Dz'Rai W. says:

    Could istill get a job if im a little under 16 years old?

  • Jenni says:

    No minimal age is 16 years old, now maybe if your turning 16 soon they may make some type of exception

  • Alice says:

    Do all Cinnabons in Canada do drug tests for THC?

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