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Operating more than 1,000 branches offering 24/7 customer service across 13 states, Citibank provides entry-level through corporate positions to job hopefuls seeking opportunities within the banking industry. Exceptional benefits and access to position and pay promotions attract young professionals hoping to build resumes and expand personal skillsets.

Facts About Working at Citibank

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Citibank?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Teller, Personal Banker, Relationship Banker, Business Insurance Agent, Business Services Officer, Employee Benefits Insurance Agent, SSI Financial Advisor, Information Security Officer, Corporate Banker, Mortgage Servicing Rights Representative, Assistant Portfolio Manager, Collections Representative, Payment Solutions Product And Sales Manager, Wealth Management Agent, Mortgage Loan Officer, Private Financial Services Advisor, Investment Counselor, Financial Center Leader, Problem Loan Administrator

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Citibank Job Opportunities

Citibank employs workers to exude company values, which focus on teamwork, financial transparency, ingenuity toward clients, and strong leadership achieved through talented and well-trained individuals. Opportunities to embrace the company principles may come to applicants as young as 16 years old, as the banking industry leader provides work experience programs to thousands of youths ages 16 to 24. Such opportunities often lead to professional and economical advancements into both part-time and full-time positions.

Entry-level positions lie in departments such as management, finance, communications, marketing, operations, sales, and human resources. Teller stands as the position most readily available in branch offices requiring little experience besides high school diplomas. Management and banker positions may prove more difficult to land due to qualification mandates and shortages of openings. The various branches of hire available for browsing exist on an online job portal, which potential employees may access via the company web page. Upon locating a job of interest, candidates may apply online in order to initiate the start of the employment consideration process.

Citibank Positions and Salary Information

Opportunities to work for Citibank exist for individuals as young as 16 years old. However, money handling or management positions may require applicants stand at least 18 years old. Job hopefuls at the beginning of a career in the banking industry may find success in teller positions, while potentials with more extensive customer service or banking experience may pursue positions such as personal banker or assistant branch manager. Positions often available to job seekers include:

Personal Banker

  • Crafting a sales plan effective with clients, prospects, internal partners and external contacts proves the most important task for personal bankers.
  • Other responsibilities may include conducting outbound sales activities, executing integrated sales, relationships, and credit strategies, scheduling periodic meetings and check-points to provide value-added services, and adhering to operational controls.
  • Candidates should possess the ability to develop sales plans, engage transaction activities, retain client relationships, maintain product and service knowledge, and multitask.
  • Preference may deliver to individuals with bachelor’s degrees and three to five years of banking or retail experience.
  • Salary options for personal bankers may range from $22,000 to $52,000 annually.


  • As part of the branch team, tellers often influence customer perceptions of banking, as patron interaction makes up the majority of daily responsibilities.
  • Tellers must perform accurate banking transactions in addition to communicating with clients, adhering to operational controls, and maintaining knowledge of accounts and businesses with the bank.
  • Qualified candidates may provide high school diplomas or the equivalent, retail or sales experience, desires to handle money, and verbal, analytic, and computer skills.
  • Tellers generally make between $12.00 and $15.00 an hour.

Assistant Branch Manager

  • Second in command to the branch manager, assistant branch managers aid in the achievement of sales and service goals by maximizing sales referrals, overseeing daily operations, and ensuring the proper delivery of client services.
  • Assistant branch managers support teller growth through coaching, resolve client complaints, and track employee progress.
  • Preference for candidates with bachelor’s degrees, three or more years of experience, and time management, prioritizing, and service abilities regularly occurs.
  • Assistant branch managers may enjoy annual salary options between $42,000 and $73,000.

Tips For Applying

Applicants may apply online to begin the consideration process using the company job portal available to users through the careers link at the footer of the homepage. Once a position of interest receives location on the job postings page, applicants may click the Apply Now box at the end of the description in order to prompt the user creation page. Upon establishing login credentials, job hopefuls gain access to a nine-part job application form. Applicants should set aside at least 40 minutes for the application process and gather information about previous work experience, education, and references prior to beginning the submission.

Application Status

Applicants may choose to check the My Jobpage created during the application form submission to review information sent to hiring managers for consideration. The feature also allows job hopefuls to apply for more than one position at a time and add positions of interest to a cart for later pursuit. Recruiters should respond to successful applicants to request an interview within a few weeks. If contact does not occur, applicants might consider applying for a more fitting position or tailoring future application forms to reflect the necessary skills and qualities for employment. Candidates may also reach out to human resource officers to inquire about the status of a position.

Benefits of Working at Citibank

Beside working for a globally renowned company offering:

  • Generous pay and company advancement, many Citibank employees also receive eligibility for job benefits.
  • Packages may include discounts on staff banking products, auto deals, travel, entertainment, and physical well-being programs.
  • Access to childcare centers, generous parental leave, disability insurance, and medical insurance also exist for eligible workers.

More Information on Citibank

Citibank provides global university internship programs for students at all levels of education. First-year to fourth-year student applicants may find opportunities to gain knowledge and build personal resumes through the company-facilitated experiences provided in the internship program. Possibilities also exist for MBA and PhD students, and all positions may lead to company full-time hire. Interested students may access the online application on the company website.


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    You need to have at least some cash handling experience, but it is not really important. You can go online They also train you.

  • Renuka Elangoban says:

    I am interested in landing a position with Citibank. I would like to work for them because I know many of their jobs are in demand. I would like to be a bank teller. Does anyone know if Citibank will hire me with no previous banking experience?

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