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A regional division of the Kroger collection of supermarket banners, City Market makes employment in the grocery retail industry accessible to job seekers throughout the Rocky Mountain area of the country. The grocery retailer operates supermarkets using a comprehensive food-and-drug combination format, which necessitates the constant hiring of new workers in order to maintain the staffing levels required by large-scale stores. Each supermarket location features a variety of different departments offering an assortment of entry-level and managerial job opportunities.

Facts About Working at City Market

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at City Market?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Grocery Clerk, Cheese Steward, Meat Clerk, Meat Cutter, Meat Manager, Produce Clerk, Produce Manager, Bakery Clerk, Bakery Manager, Floral Associate, Floral Manager, Deli Clerk, Deli Manager, Pastry Chef,Nutrition Clerk, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Developer, Operations Manager, Fast Track Plant Engineer, Improvement Manager, Tax Accounting Clerk, Refrigeration Mechanic, Maintenance Engineer, Process Analyst

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

City Market Job Outlook

City Market frequently hires entry-level applicants for hourly positions like stocker, clerk, cashier, and bagger. Entry-level associates often work exclusively in one of several possible specialty departments, including health and beauty sections, pet centers, bakeries, delis, and floral shops. Front-end checkout aisles and service counters also serve as popular grocery store work areas for entry-level employees. Jobs staffed by entry-level workers usually carry minimal hiring requirements and involve frequent interaction with customers. Prospective associates need to have the desire to work as part of a team to serve others in order to obtain consideration for employment.

The continuous hiring of entry-level workers results in the need for experienced managers capable of providing effective leadership. City Market offers managerial career opportunities at each level of supermarket operations, from departmental to overall store management. Working under a variety of job titles, managers carry out an extensive range of duties pertaining to customer service, sales, and the supervision of subordinate employees. In addition to featuring varied titles and responsibilities, management positions available provide job holders with a high level of employment benefits and security furnished by one of the largest grocery retail parent companies in the nation.

City Market Employment Prospects and Pay Scales

Suitable for part-time workers as well as full-time professionals, City Market jobs boast flexible scheduling options allowing employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance. The supermarket chain generally grants hiring consideration to candidates 16 years of age or older. Certain positions, however, may implement age minimums of 18 or 21, depending on specific work duties and hiring requirements. Job seekers interested in working for the Western chain of grocery stores should complete an online application for any of the following employment opportunities:

Grocery Stocker

  • Entry-level grocery stocker positions involve the receiving and storing of merchandise shipments.
  • Stockers also move merchandise from storage areas to the sales floor on a constant basis in order to replenish inventory on grocery store shelves.
  • Other job duties include keeping the store clean and providing customer assistance when required.
  • Stocker jobs entail continuous movement and require the ability to lift considerable amounts of weight.
  • The ability to operate standard stockroom equipment also proves necessary for prospective stocker employees.
  • Certain stocker positions may entail overnight work shifts, when associates can take advantage of empty supermarkets to stock items efficiently and without disturbing shoppers.
  • Hourly pay for stockers generally hovers around $8.00 or $9.00, with overnight stockers often enjoying slightly higher pay rates.


  • Responsible for the efficient placement of purchased items into grocery sacks, baggers perform an essential service for customers.
  • The entry-level job often includes the collection of shopping carts and the restocking of returned or unbought merchandise among the basic job responsibilities.
  • With few hiring requirements other than a willingness to provide friendly and efficient service, bagger positions often provide easy ways to gain work experience.
  • Pay scales for baggers typically fall between minimum wage and $8.00 an hour.


  • Often working in tandem with baggers, cashiers facilitate the purchase of groceries by ringing up items and processing payments to finalize sales transactions.
  • Cashiers also bag merchandise for customers in the absence of bagger associates.
  • Additional job duties include maintaining the cleanliness and inventory of checkout aisles, responding to customer inquiries, and promoting special products or services.
  • Cashier employees need to have strong interpersonal skills, approachable demeanors, and basic knowledge of currency and math.
  • After usually starting out around minimum wage, pay rates for cashiers often rise to $10.00 per hour or more with experience.


  • Managers undertake a number of job responsibilities critical to the success of each grocery store department and of the supermarket as a whole.
  • Comprising various job titles and levels of seniority, the management team hires and supervises entry-level associates, oversees budgeting and other fiscal procedures, creates work schedules for store personnel, and works to increase sales and exceed financial targets.
  • Managers also take responsibility for the overall condition and layout of the supermarket, the availability of merchandise, and customer satisfaction.
  • At a minimum, aspiring managers should have experience working in the retail or grocery store industries.
  • Previous supervisory or management experience along with a relevant academic background often serve as additional hiring requirements, especially for positions farther up the managerial hierarchy.
  • Varying according to position, pay scales range from about $15.00 an hour for department managers up to around $60,000 in annual salary for store managers.

Tips For Applying

City Market grocery stores use the hiring and application processes to screen for personable, energetic, and friendly individuals. Prospective associates should enjoy working with the general public and possess motivated, customer service-oriented attitudes toward employment. The supermarket looks for drive and determination when selecting candidates, among other focused characteristics. Highlighting aspects of personalities associated with outgoing, community-centric, and professional traits often raises job seekers in the eyes of hiring personnel.

Application Status

Job hopefuls may log into the careers platform managed by parent company Kroger Inc. to check on application statuses. The platform automatically updates prospective employee standings as hiring managers make personnel decisions. Candidates may also call or visit preferred City Market locations in order to inquire about applications directly. Phoning management or visiting potential supervisors personally may lead to additional consideration and on-the-spot interviews or job offers. Most job hopefuls receive determinations on applications within a week.

Benefits of Working at City Market

City Market, with the vast resources of parent company Kroger, offers a wealth of employment benefits to eligible associates. Available health benefits include:

  • Various medical
  • Dental and vision plans as well as flexible spending accounts and related perks
  • Like discounted gym memberships.

Qualified workers also take advantage of financial benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans, basic life insurance, and employee discounts. Apply online for City Market jobs to learn more about potential work benefits.

Additional Information on City Market

In addition to offering employment opportunities in the grocery retail sector, City Market stores boast onsite pharmacies that also hire frequently. Entry-level applicants with the proper certification may qualify for pharmacy technician jobs paying as much as $15.00 or $16.00 an hour. Experienced pharmacists responsible for running in-store pharmacies often enjoy annual salary options exceeding $100,000. Pharmacists must typically obtain specialized education, training, and licensure in order to enter the lucrative career field. Along with pharmaceutical services, City Market grocery stores offer a variety of amenities ranging from money wiring and no-contract wireless plans to special programs benefitting local schools.


  • Patricia Wolf says:

    Yes, I have worked for City Market before. I worked in the front end as cashier and bagger. I was responsible for taking care of the customers groceries, cleaning the front of the store, keeping the carts off the lot, cleaning the restrooms and any other duties that were assigned to me. As a cashier my duties were to take care of the customers and the money, making sure the transactions were done in a timely manner.

  • Katharine R Schmidt says:

    I worked at City Market for 15 yrs almost 23 yrs ago. I was a cashier, CRM (Front-end Mgr), scanning coordinator, and PT night crew foreman.

    • Ryanne says:

      Do you think they well hire me a the age 14

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