Claim Jumper Interview Questions & Tips

Entry-Level Hiring Process

The Claim Jumper interview process for entry-level employment opportunities takes significantly less time to navigate than the time needed for managerial candidates to successfully obtain work. Recruitment officials often guides applicants through the formal hiring process in less than a week's time, with many entry-level job hopefuls completing all parts of the interview process in as little as two or three days.

Managerial Hiring Process

Candidates looking for careers in management often spend as much as two weeks going through the formal procedures to gain employment. Despite the shortened process, entry-level applicants go through as many as three interviews during the hiring proceedings. Managers participate in a similar set of interview rounds.

Interview Formats

Claim jumper implements a mix of phone interviews and personal, 1:1 interviews to screen candidates. Job interviews take on inviting and accommodating tones. Workers sit with general managers for 20 minutes or so during each session and discuss the potential job and company culture.

How to Get a Job at Claim Jumper

The most prevalent topic Claim Jumper hiring managers touch on during the interview process is availability. Flexible schedules represent the most desirable attributes applicants might possess, as most employees work on rotation or assume irregular schedules. Applicants must possess open availability in order to receive job offers, in most cases. Further interviews of Claim Jumper candidates include inquiries like: "Can you tell me a little about yourself?", "Why do you want to work for Claim Jumper?", and "How do you define excellent service?" Many interview questions promote ideas of teamwork and ethics on the job. Prepare to offer personal opinions on situational interview questions like, "If a fellow employee mistreated a customer and you witnessed the incident, what would you do?"

Following Up and Final Thoughts

Determined but pleasant and team-oriented individuals also represent ideal characteristics Claim Jumper looks for in the hiring process. Promote open availability when asked and demonstrate an overall desire to work for the buffet chain specifically. After completing all rounds of the interview process, successful applicants receive telephone calls from hiring personnel with job offers. Individuals may wait as little as a couple of days; however, workers typically hear back about open positions within a week.


  • gabriel coronel says:

    3 days ago l had an interview in human resources department at the new Burbank location..what l want to know is if l received any call from you because l had my telephone disconnected…l applied for server position and also I remember that I didn’t write anything about my education…how do l know if l was selected or not, can l get any phone number? or should l insist for another interview?

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