Clarion Hotel Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Clarion

Clarion Hotels interviews for both entry-level jobs and professional careers across dozens of locations throughout the United States. A member of the Choice Hotels family, the lodging chain conducts interview in similar fashion to the overseeing parent company. The interview process often requires applicants to submit resumes instead of traditional hiring forms. However, due to franchising, the specific hiring process used by each location varies with regularity. In general, most applicants interview in single sessions with hiring managers. Previously developed skills often play no part in final hiring decisions. Most locations train workers on the spot and impose little-to-no hiring restrictions based on work history.

How Long Does the Hiring Process Take?

The quick process may last only a day, with the actual Clarion interview spanning only 20 to 30 minutes at most.

Customer Service

Many Clarion jobs require workers to continually interact with constituents as well as customers. Clarion interview questions reflect concerns about working in team-oriented environments as well as dealing with the general public.

Typical Interview Questions

Common Clarion interview questions may include: "Have you ever had to work with someone you considered intolerable?" and "Are you able to maintain a professional attitude in the face of high-pressure situations?" Provide confidence and honest answers to each interview question. Personal and professional experiences both serve as ideal places to draw from when forming answers to Clarion interview questions. Remain courteous, pleasant, and on-point throughout each interview.

When Will I Know If I Got the Job?

The hotel chain selects candidates for employment same-day, in many cases. If not selected, workers should remain persistent and await contact by phone or make a follow-up call to check in on hiring status.

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