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Designer fashion company Coach maintains an international presence with roughly 500 stores in the U.S. and another 450 locations in operation abroad. The opportunity for both domestic and international work makes the retailer a prime target for entry-level job seekers and career professionals looking to break into the fashion industry.

Facts About Working at Coach

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Coach?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Merchandise Handler, Key Holder, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Financial Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Designer, Human Resources Generalist

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Coach Job Opportunities

Many of the positions available at Coach stores carry part-time, entry-level job statuses. Applicants new to the industry generally fill sales associate jobs, which include customer service and cashier duties. Aspiring fashion professionals often apply for work as managers or designers. The fashion company views retail associates as ambassadors who interact directly with customers and establish working relationships with business partners. Applicants must showcase distinct tastes in fashion and excitement to work in a high-profile industry.

The company operates under a long-standing tradition of style and elegance. Known throughout the world as a premiere provider of fashions for men and women, Coach expects employees to continue the rich history of the firm and create and sell exceptional clothing and accessories. Workers typically need to demonstrate some form of personal interest in selling or tailoring clothes in addition to adept customer service skills. Highly professional and well-groomed individuals represent the type of candidate regularly advancing into latter stages of the hiring process. Additional hiring requirements vary by position, though the retail chain sets the minimum hiring age for all positions at 18.

Coach Salary and Employment Information

Jobs most readily available with the designer fashion company include part-time and full-time opportunities in sales. The retailer also regularly hires for managers and fashion designers. Most entry-level positions require applicants to possess flexible schedules. Careers in management and design usually impose full-time hours. Refer to the following list for breakdowns of widely available positions:

Sales Associate

  • Referred to as the “face” of the company, sales associates represent first points of contact as customers enter retail locations and as main means of establishing business relationships.
  • Coach hires applicants able to treat customers like guests.
  • Personable, approachable, warm, welcoming, and courteous individuals remain top choices for the fashion company.
  • Individuals should also possess competent sales abilities.
  • Job duties generally position sales associates on showroom floors.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of current fashion trends and the ability to recommend clothing and accessories based on patron tastes also prove ideal for employment.
  • New-hire sales associates earn between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour.
  • Increases in hourly pay usually top out around $14.00 or $15.00.


  • A position requiring some background or formal training in textiles and manufacturing, designer jobs serve as excellent career options for fashion industry job aspirants.
  • Workers often assume full-time positions working with both retail locations and the company corporate offices.
  • Coach values extremely driven individuals who possess vision and exceptional taste.
  • Primary job duties include creating fashion and accessory lines for sale at store locations.
  • Hours vary depending on workload but usually fall around 40 per week.
  • The position yields annual salary options of roughly $40,000, on average.


  • Managers employed by the fashion chain serve the purpose of organizing daily activities, hiring and training new employees, setting work schedules, coordinating shipments of products and merchandise, and assessing sales goals and marketing initiatives.
  • Most managers assume full-time schedules upon hire.
  • Applicants need prior work history in either retail or fashion in order to gain employment.
  • Pay scales generally reflect prior experience in the industry.
  • Entry-level managers earn roughly $30,000 per year, while tenured or highly qualified retail managers receive yearly salary rates hovering around $60,000 or $70,000.

Tips For Applying

Exhibiting fashion sense and tastes in current styles often sets candidates apart from other prospective team members. Workers need to demonstrate brand savvy and interest in the fashion retail industry overall. When submitting applications, candidates should endeavor to put in physical, paper versions of the necessary forms to facilitate face-to-face meetings with hiring staff. Meeting in person allows future associates to demonstrate fashion sense through clothing worn during the encounter. Choose sensible and professional clothing reflecting the styles and designs sold by Coach in store. Wearing apparel sold by the brand may further increase odds of receiving consideration for employment.

Application Status

Similar to the tactics used to increase odds of receiving consideration for positions at Coach stores, applicants may want to visit a location in person in order to check on the status of outstanding applications. The in-person visit provides ideal opportunities to express unspoken talents and tastes in fashion incommunicable via telephone or email. Workers usually receive job offers within a week or so of completing hiring procedures. A visit to the desired location of employment may increase odds of receiving a job offer and provide a face to a name for hiring personnel moving forward in deliberations.

Benefits of Working at Coach

Job benefits remain widely available to qualified employees working for the fashion retailer. The international name-brand rewards associates with work benefits like:

  • Stock options
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage
  • Paid vacation
  • Sick days and holidays off
  • As well as tuition assistance
  • Discounts on merchandise
  • Travel and entertainment discounts
  • Referral bonuses, and
  • Performance-based bonus incentives.

Employment benefits qualifications usually include individuals in full-time jobs; however, the retailer extends a vast majority of work benefits to all employees.

More Information on Coach

Due to black market competition, Coach invites employees and customers alike to recognize the difference between “knockoff” models of available merchandise and authentic products. The company website provides an easy-to-reference list of websites the manufacturer sells through as well as how to report counterfeiting to the appropriate authorities. Patrons also learn about measures the fashion retailer goes to in order to limit the smuggling of counterfeit goods into the country by way of customs.


  • Helping Hand Brittany says:

    As a former Coach employee I must say it’s a nice place to work. you get a 40 and 50% discounts on everything. You get paid weekly. There is a dress code:white dress shirts with black pants, knee-length skirts or pants, no pinstripe skirts or pants. There is no commission but if the store makes plan, I think you get either a free purse or a bonus i forget. Anyway hope I gave enough info.

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