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How to Get a Job at the Coast Guard

The Coast Guard designs the interview process to evaluate character, leadership potential, communication skills, and, commitment to health and well-being. Most importantly, the military branch uses the process to look at applicant abilities to embody the core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty. Most interviews are held 1:1 with a recruiter and feature in-depth questioning.

Proceedings and Common Interview Questions

The formal set of procedures usually begins with a brief description of the history of the Coast Guard and the goals of the organization. Questions candidates encounter during Coast Guard interviews include: "Why do you want to join the Coast Guard?", "What do you think makes you right for this job?", and "Can you explain your views on ethics?" Applicants may also be briefed on the specify area for which they are applying. Following job interviews, applicants are asked to participate in physicals, drug screening, and background examinations. In total, the hiring process may last six months.

Uphold Values, Arrive On-Time, and Remain Honest

Candidates want to attend US Coast Guard interviews about 20 minutes early. Attire should be neat and conservative and personal appearance should be well-kempt. Job hopefuls should listen carefully to interviewers and take time to think about questions asked. Applicants need to remain honest with answers and provide direct responses. The US Coast Guard looks for applicants able to obey the rules and protocols set forth by the military branch. Job seekers want to demonstrate responsible attitudes and abilities to pick up skills in responses to interview questions. With each answer, a job seeker should reflect alignment with core values. The best way for candidates to demonstrate values includes examples of past actions taken in challenging situations. Applicants should show enthusiastic, professional, and confident attitudes throughout interviews.

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  1. Norman

    Be very attentive during the interview. They have to know you pay attention.

  2. Martha

    What if you only worked in your family drug store business, and have no other work experience? 27-yr-old with no job history, only little experience with computer systems technician, has a high school diploma, but still needs to finish on getting an Associates Degree?! would there be a chance to get in for training?


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