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Global beverage manufacturer and supplier Coca-Cola maintains one of the largest commercial presences in the world. The international company distributes products to roughly 200 countries and employs more than 130,000 workers to maintain operations, with new positions available regularly.

Facts About Working at Coca-Cola

Minimum Age to Work at Coca-Cola: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Coca Cola?)

Coca-Cola Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Coca-Cola: Brand entertainment ambassador, brand manager, customer care specialist, maintenance technician, merchandiser, order builder

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Coca-Cola Employee Interview Videos

Coca-Cola Job Opportunities

Founded in 1892, the market reach of the soft drink supplier extends well beyond the regional or even domestic beginnings of the company. Coca-Cola sells products through restaurants, vendors at stadiums, vending machines, through local and nationally recognized retail chains, and wholesale at large retail membership clubs. According to the company website, around 2 billion people drink Coke products daily. Consumers may even enjoy company products on airplanes and cruise ships. The wide, sweeping scope of consumer sales and marketing engendered by the multibillion-dollar outfit provides hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities, with part-time and full-time positions available via ever-expanding regional, national, and international offices.

Entry-level workers and career professionals employed by the renowned business sell, deliver, package, market, and prepare goods in warehouses, factories, and corporate offices. Typical work environments vary by position. Most entry-level jobs involve delivery, clerical, or sales responsibilities. Applicants with experience in the industry or a specific profession may receive consideration for managerial or corporate roles. International presence and high product demands spur diverse workplaces and possibilities of short-term assignments in different offices. The company mission of ability, aspiration, and engagement favors selfless, motivated, and flexible personalities.

Coca-Cola Employment and Salary Information

The worldwide employer hires on individuals as young as 18. Most positions available require high school diplomas or GED equivalents. Growth from within, comprehensive work benefits packages, and lucrative salary options headlines key draws to Coca-Cola jobs. Manufacturing industry job hopefuls may take interest in the following positions:

Maintenance Technician

  • Daily tasks may include repairing or installing equipment or machinery and bringing facility grounds up to company, local, state, or federal codes.
  • Salary options begin around $35,000 per year and top out between $40,000 and $45,000.
  • Individuals must possess safety-oriented personalities, including proper protocol for working with live, electric wiring, and experience using computer-based technical software, like AutoCAD and Microsoft Office programs.

Customer Service Specialist

  • Customer care specialists usually conduct business over the phone or through email. Associates resolve customer conflicts or issues with products and services and answer questions regarding various aspects of operations, such as shipping and receiving, logistics, or sales.
  • Entry-level pay scales range from $13.00 to $14.00 an hour.
  • The full-time position often features irregular and/or schedules. No real employment history proves necessary for hiring; however, experience working in call center environments and basic computer skills may solidify candidate chances.

Brand Ambassador

  • One of the more unique employment opportunities available through the global company, brand entertainment ambassador jobs involve dressing as the infamous polar bear mascot.
  • The average brand entertainment ambassador receives entry-level, hourly pay of $13.00.
  • Workers must possess previous experience as mascots and extremely flexible schedules, as polar bear performers may work seven days a week at varying times.

Tips For Applying

Applicants should create, modify, or update personal resumes prior to submitting applications for Coca-Cola jobs. The major manufacturing company requires candidates to attach resumes and cover letters with each application. Hiring documents like resumes and cover letters often provide a detailed glimpse of professional skills. Job seekers may choose not to submit cover letters and resumes; however, the company website clearly states candidates may receive less consideration for work without the necessary paperwork.

Application Status

In order to apply for work, applicants must submit resumes and cover letters through the company online job portal or fill out hiring documents through social media website LinkedIn. Applicants usually receive phone calls in response to submitted hiring forms. Human resources contact interesting candidates within a week or two, with the entire hiring process lasting between three weeks and month. Workers may also follow up with the prominent beverage manufacturer and distributor to express further interest in available positions. A follow up phone call placed to the right HR representative or potential manager may increase odds of employment and interview opportunity.

Benefits of Working at Coca-Cola

Major manufacturers like Coca-Cola possess the ability to enrich the lives of billions of people. Employees working for the international company regularly enjoy opportunities to relocate or assume upper-level positions in favor of other, outside candidates. Annual and long-term incentives also serve as major draws to begin careers with the major supplier. Comprehensive work benefits packages regularly attract and retain employees, as well. Job benefits change regularly due to constant revamping of perks by the corporate offices; however, typical employee benefits include paid time off, healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, and relocation assistance.

More Information on Coca-Cola

As a globally recognized brand, Coca-Cola takes responsibility for gender inclusion and fosters diverse workplaces. Efforts include the 5by20 program, which primarily serves women in the workplace. The program provides money, training, and networking tools for female entrepreneurs. 5by20 hopes to reach more than 5 million women by 2020, which serves as the main inspiration for the program namesake.


  • Mark Lichius says:

    I loved working at the Swire Coca Cola warehouse in Sparks, Nevada. Even though it was my 2nd part-time job, the Coca Cola warehouse crew made me feel welcomed and would frequently ask me to be a route driver, get me more involved with helping the pickers and pullers, and try and get me promoted to other positions. Thank you Coca Cola for giving me the opportunity to join your family and to work with your employees.

    • Sue Schultz says:

      Did you need an ID to apply for a job? Once you hired, do you need an ID to get into work. Just want to know if it’s safe, and only employee are let in. Thanks

    • Sbonelo says:

      How do I apply online

  • Natasha Bonds says:

    I worked for coca cola bottling company in Roanoke Va during a seasonal period. I was a checker, I counted what was on the trucks and when the trucks came back into the checking station I counted the merchandises on them as well. I also loaded there hand held computers with all the info needed for there next day routes. I loved my job at coke wish it wasn’t seasonal, id love to work there again.

  • Valerian Sharan Menezes says:

    Yes I’m working in Coca Cola Oman. I achieved more success in my life after joining Coca Cola company. I want to grow more with Coca Cola.

  • Mary says:

    I worked for Coca-Cola and my responsibilities were to inspect the bottles that would be moving on an assembly line.
    I had to make sure the plastic bottles had no bubbles and the top of the bottles had to be smooth and round. At Coca-Cola, my job was to monitor the bottles to be sure each bottle filled properly as well.

  • choolwe mubita. says:

    I really want to work for coca cola.

  • choolwe mubita says:

    no. it will be my first time.

  • johannes says:

    i want to work for coca cola an how do i apply for it

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