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As one of the leading providers of cable and Internet access in the United States, Comcast offers important services affecting the personal and professional lives of customers nationwide. The multimedia company stays connected with customers by hiring attentive and committed workers.

Facts About Working at Comcast

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Comcast?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Field Technician, Planning and Design Requisition Technician, Financial Analyst, Customer Loyalty Representative, Account Executive, Customer Care Manager, Installation Technician, Human Resources Representative, Call Center Representative, Marketing Coordinator, Communications Technician, Retail Sales Representative, Warehouse Representative, Bilingual Business Services Representative, Facilities Technician, Payment Center Representative, Office Assistant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Comcast Job Outlook

Like other major corporations, Comcast frequently needs to hire large numbers of employees to fill a wide variety of jobs specific to different fields of business. Newly hired associates work within a particular area of operations, such as sales, technology, or leadership. The cable company also offers employment to call center workers, field technicians, and corporate professionals. With so many different types of career opportunities available on a regular basis, the prominent cable company provides job seekers across the country enjoy numerous options in finding work.

The wide variety of available jobs also creates a diverse range of possible work environments. Comcast employs workers at corporate headquarters, branch offices, call centers, and in the field. The specific type of job setting depends on the duties performed. Sales associates and customer service representatives regularly conduct business via telephone and therefore work in traditional office or call center environments, while field technicians travel to offsite locations in order to set up services, make repairs, or provide general assistance for commercial and residential clients. Regardless of job title, company associates enjoy access to lucrative pay, comprehensive training programs, and various employment benefits.

Comcast Positions and Salary Information

From selling products associated with media and technology to performing routine installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting services, Comcast employees work closely with customers and complete specific sets of duties contingent upon the position held. Many available positions feature minimal qualifications regarding experience, as the employer generally provides full training. Job seekers older than the minimum hiring age of 18 may apply for employment in the following capacities:

Retail Sales Associate

  • Retail sales associates work in local stores where customers may purchase Comcast products and services.
  • Like salespeople in other industries, retail sales associates must probe for and correctly identify customer needs in order to make appropriate product recommendations and deliver personalized service.
  • Workers regularly use proven selling techniques to meet specific goals related to the fulfillment of sales quotas.
  • Other important responsibilities include preparing work orders and scheduling service appointments for local customers in addition to answering questions about product features, billing and pricing, and any other issues.
  • The ideal retail sales associate remains available for night and weekend shifts and also works overtime as necessary.
  • Pay rates for retail sales jobs generally extend as high as $10.00 or $11.00 an hour.

Customer Service Representative

  • Typically stationed at various call centers around the country, customer service representatives primarily communicate over the phone.
  • The entry-level job involves fielding incoming calls from customers and providing assistance ranging from basic troubleshooting to setting up appointments for installing or fixing cable and Internet services.
  • Customer service representatives also respond to general questions about Comcast products and services and therefore need to remain highly knowledgeable of the basic amenities offered by the multimedia company.
  • Previous customer service or call center experience often makes the difference between otherwise identical candidates.
  • Customer service representatives usually earn about $13.00 or $14.00 in hourly pay.

Field Technician

  • Field technicians provide service directly at the homes and businesses of Comcast customers.
  • Technician positions therefore involve driving company vehicles and transporting the equipment necessary for installing and repairing cable and Internet services.
  • In addition to performing installation and maintenance duties, field technicians provide relevant product information and respond to questions from customers.
  • Fully qualified applicants generally possess high school diplomas, valid driver’s licenses with clean driving records, and knowledge of or interest in learning about the basic workings of cable TV and the Internet.
  • Field technicians usually make between $17.00 and $20.00 per hour, for annual salary rates of roughly $40,000.

Tips For Applying

Job seekers may apply for employment online at the Comcast careers website. The application process begins with the creation of a candidate profile, which enables the user to apply for multiple jobs simultaneously. After creating online profiles, candidates may also log back in at any time and complete the application process or apply for different jobs. Checking the form and any attachments for accuracy and currency proves essential, as applicants may not make any changes after submitting the documents online.

Application Status

To determine the status of applications submitted for Comcast jobs, candidates must return and log in to the company careers website. The nationwide employer lists the status of a submitted application as either In Process or Not Selected. In Process signifies the ongoing evaluation of potential employees, while Not Selected indicates the selection of another candidate and the conclusion of the hiring process. Job seekers typically wait between one and several weeks before discovering the final status. The company encourages unselected applicants to continue applying for employment as suitable positions emerge.

Benefits of Working at Comcast

Comcast offers free cable and Internet services to employees who live within areas served by the company. Other popular employment benefits include:

  • Life and accident insurance,
  • Flexible spending accounts,
  • 401(k) retirement plans with matching contributions, and
  • Coverage for the medical, dental, and vision needs of eligible associates.

Workers may also qualify for employee stock purchase plans, tuition reimbursement, and discounts on products and services from some of the most popular brands nationwide.

Additional Information on Comcast

Part of the larger Comcast Corporation, Comcast Cable operates as a sister company to NBCUniversal. The cable company ranks as the largest provider of video, Internet, and home phone services in the country. Available amenities include digital television, high-speed Internet, home security systems, and telephone service managed from a dashboard featuring email, voicemail, and text messaging capabilities. The company offers each service under the XFINITY brand name. In addition to serving households and businesses across the country, the cable and Internet service provider oversees a charitable foundation created in 1999 to support local nonprofit organizations. On average, the foundation donates nearly $9 million each year.


  • javin says:

    I worked for Comcast for more than 1 year troubleshooting customers issue for HSI, TV and digital voice services. I mastered the necessary tools/applications such as Einstein csg and vision with adding and removing codes.

  • Rayman L Ramnarace says:

    Did not work for Comcast before but did work in the Cable TV industries.

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