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How to Get a Job at Comcast

Comcast serves as the largest provider of cable and home internet services in the United States. With a customer base spanning 40 states, the cable provider needs to hire motivated workers on a consistent basis to fill new and existing positions. Applicants searching for telecom work encounter varying hiring processes depending on the position desired. The hiring process may last anywhere from a week to a month. Entry-level customer service candidates usually spend the least amount of time going through the necessary hoops for employment consideration, while managers and more technical positions encounter the most intensive forms of screening for candidacy.

First and Second Interviews

The Comcast interview process usually begins with a phone call to schedule job interviews after company HR representatives review applicant information. Workers typically submit hiring forms online through the company website. Initial telephone contact between hiring personnel and candidates serves as a brief phone interview, which lasts around 15 minutes, in most cases. Successful candidates move on to in-person interviews with HR staff onsite. Two or more job interviews regularly prove necessary to determine hiring eligibility for applicants. The hiring process often features one-on-one and panel interviews to screen workers. Some applicants report attending job fairs to begin the hiring process, followed by onsite interviews. The telecom company usually implements job fairs to hire on new workers for entry-level positions.

Tech-Savvy and Sales-Oriented

Comcast operates in a highly technical industry. Applicants must possess some working knowledge of cable and internet services as well as basic experience with computers. The Comcast hiring process often probes for technical skills related to and knowledge of communications. Positions involving sales may have hiring personnel ask job seekers to role play and sell random objects like pens or stacks of paper found in the interview room. Technical positions, such as comm tech jobs, sometimes require applicants to complete skills assessments during actual interviews. Assessments administered by staff members may take upwards of 40 minutes to complete and test off on technical abilities and general knowledge of hardware and software used to troubleshoot, install, and maintain communications services on large, national scales.

Dressing for the Occasion

Job seekers should wear professional, formal attire to every stage of the Comcast interview process. Comcast looks for personable, on-point, and knowledge individuals regardless of position.


Entry-level positions may or may not require previous experience for employment consideration, but applicants looking for managerial roles should definitely hold some form of experience or past working in positions of leadership.

Final Considerations

Full-time workers in more technical or managerial jobs may conclude the interview process with salary negotiations. Candidates usually wait around a week to hear back from Comcast concerning hiring decisions.


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