ComEd Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at ComEd

ComEd operates as an energy company parented by Exelon. The utility company recommends candidates consider the general hiring requirements before applying. Notable conditions include availability to participate in a rotating schedule for on-call duty, mandatory drug testing and background checks, and ability to travel within a designated service region.

How the ComEd Interview Process Begins

The hiring process begins with the submission of the requested forms through the parent company website. The next phase consists of one phone interview with two members of human resources simultaneously. Questions in the phone session mostly focus on the topic of behavior. If successful, applicants move on to face-to-face interviews with a member of hiring management. Interviewers search for potential employees aligning with the core values of the company, such as safety, integrity, diversity, respect, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Formats, Questions, and Attitudes

Prior applicants cite questions presented in the phone and 1:1 interviews as very traditional in nature. Candidates may benefit by practicing from a bank of frequently-asked interview prompts beforehand. Common questions include “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, “How would you handle an irate client?”, and “Why do you want to work at ComEd?” Genuine answers with a positive spin generally garner approval from the interviewer. Applicants should also expect a certain number of questions designed to assess suitability in the particular fields being applied for.

When Will I Know if I Got the Job?

Approved candidates receive hiring decisions one to two days following the interview. The entire process from start to finish typically spans one week.


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