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With job openings in non-medical, in-home care expected to grow rapidly over the next decade, Comfort Keepers makes the perfect place to begin a career in the healthcare industry. The home healthcare company hires new employees to provide in-home care to seniors and other individuals.

Facts About Working at Comfort Keepers

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Comfort Keepers?)

Available Positions: Companion, Homemaker, Personal Care Aide, Bookkeeper, Client Care Coordinator, General Manager, HR Specialist, Live In Care, Marketing Assistant, Office Manager, On Call Responder, Receptionist, Scheduling Coordinator, Scheduling Assistant, Territory Sales Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Comfort Keepers Work Opportunities

The services offered by Comfort Keepers allows individuals requiring living assistance to remain at home and retain independent, comfortable lifestyles. Experienced workers travel to the homes of clients to provide care services, such as meal preparation, grooming, housekeeping duties, interactive engagement, and friendly companionship. Such enriching assistance brightens the daily lives of clients and proves immensely fulfilling to caregivers, as well. Employees embody the characteristics of compassion, honesty, and trust.

Associates work part-time or full-time to provide quality healthcare services. Careers as caregivers prove personally satisfying with opportunities for professional advancement available to hardworking employees. Individuals who enjoy making a difference in the lives of elderly clients find engaging work opportunities with Comfort Keepers as caregivers. Jobs aside from personal care, such as office manager positions, remain essential, as well.

Comfort Keepers Jobs and Salary Information

Prospective associates with previous experience in senior care, healthcare management, or customer service may find rewarding jobs at Comfort Keepers. Passionate, caring individuals may apply for the following positions:


  • Caregivers represent the lifeblood of the company.
  • Employees provide 24/7 assistance to help seniors and individuals requiring advanced care live independent and dignified lives at home.
  • Staff members must actively engage with clients, which stands paramount.
  • Typical daily tasks include preparing favorite recipes together, dusting furniture, helping clients attend community events or visit friends, and providing assistance with grooming functions.
  • Associates work days, evenings, overnight, weekends, and holidays.
  • Candidates must pass background checks, possess valid driver’s licenses and reliable cars, and undergo drug screenings.
  • CNA certifications prove preferential, though not required for entry-level positions.
  • Employees generally earn hourly wages at rates from $9.00 to $10.00.

Office Manager

  • While caregivers work on the front lines providing customer assistance, office managers remain needed to handle business functions.
  • Responsibilities include coordinating with office staff and caregivers, fulfilling reporting requirements, overseeing and supervising in-home care practices, hiring and training workers, resolving client concerns, upholding quality standards, and conducting staff meetings to ensure the office meets established goals.
  • The position pays an hourly wage of $13.00 and opens the door to further career advancement opportunities, including increases in annual salary options.
  • Candidates must hold previous management experience, proficiency with computers, top-notch communication skills, and goal-oriented mindsets.
  • Preferred associates possess bachelor’s degrees and hold prior experience in the healthcare field.

Tips For Applying

Individuals seeking Comfort Keepers jobs remain encouraged to apply in person or online. Additionally, prospective workers may apply through recruitment agencies. Local branches of the healthcare company often operate unique websites detailing specific job openings available in the area and allowing job-seekers to complete online application forms and upload resumes electronically. Hiring processes move quickly due to growing demands for caregivers. Eligible applicants typically receive invitations to sit for interviews within a few days of submitting resumes.

Application Status

Candidates may check on application statuses by visiting local Comfort Keepers offices in person or through phone calls. Following up to check on the status of applications shows commitment and may inspire more favorable consideration for the job. When calling or conducting in-person visits, remain polite and professional in order to leave good impressions.

Worker Benefits at Comfort Keepers

Flexible work hours, mileage reimbursement, and double pay on holidays represent some of the employment benefits offered to hourly associates. Many workers consider the satisfying feeling of making a difference to needful individuals the greatest job benefit. Eligible full-time employees also receive healthcare coverage with:

  • Subsidized medical insurance
  • Paid time off, and
  • Access to company-matched 401(k) retirement plans.

More Details about Comfort Keepers

As one of the fastest-growing senior care providers in the nation, Comfort Keepers consistently receives awards and accolades for high-quality services. In 2015, Entrepreneur Magazine named the company the number one senior care franchise network, based on factors such as financial strength and growth rate. The healthcare provider also proudly notes a consistent World-Class Franchise designation from the independent Franchise Research Institute.

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