Conn’s Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Conn's

Successful electronics and appliance retailer Conn's maintains a large workforce of motivated and dedicated individuals. With career areas including warehouse operations, sales, customer support, and corporate operations, the retail chain hires a wide range of employees with diverse talents. To find the right people for the right jobs, the store conducts a structured, multi-stage interview process. Depending on career aspirations, interviewees may attend multiple stages of phone, group or panel, and 1:1 job interviews.

Phone Interview, One-to-One Sessions, and Assessments

Store-level jobs, such as cashier and sales associate positions, often require screening through phone interviews followed by in-person interviews. Phone interviews remain brief and generally probe for job interest and availability. Following the phone interview, successful applicants participate in private interviews with hiring managers. Private interviews feature common interview questions, and hiring managers generally look for friendly, honest candidates with good work ethics. Applicants vying for cashier jobs often need to take timed math tests following interviews. The math tests generally pose basic addition and subtraction questions relating to tallying purchases and giving change.

Considerations for Other Positions

Other positions, such as warehouse worker or manager roles, take different paths in evaluating candidates. Warehouse workers generally go through one or two rounds of face-to-face interviews. In general, Conn's looks for warehouse workers with relevant past work experience and teamwork skills. Prospective managers tend to participate in panel interviews. Recruitment officials look for managers with the ability to lead employees and enforce store sales expectations.

Dress and Behavior

Candidates should look professional for any job interviews encountered. Entry-level job hopefuls should wear business-casual attire, while management candidates should dress in more formal business apparel. Applicants need to make proper eye contact with Conn's interviewers and speak with confidence. When giving responses to questions, candidates should keep answers truthful and demonstrate knowledge of department store operations. A few days after the final interview, applicants may contact Conn's personnel managers to check on potential job offers.


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