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Conoco began as an independent oil refining and distribution company in the late 1800s. Marked changes in proprietorship in 2012 lead to the company operating as a subsidiary of Phillips 66. The restructuring resulted in new locations and thousands of entry-level job opportunities nationwide.

Facts About Working at Conoco

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Conoco?)

Available Positions: Gas Station Attendant, Maintenance Technician, Assistant Manager, Manager, Lab Technician, Support Specialist, Scheduler, Project Manager, Planning and Scheduling Supervisor, Commercial Truck Analyst, Commercial Rail Analyst, Inspector, Response Center Analyst

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Conoco Job Opportunities

Conoco began as an independent oil refining and distribution company in the late 1800s. Marked changes in proprietorship in 2012 lead to the company operating as a subsidiary of Phillips 66. The restructuring resulted in new locations and thousands of entry-level job opportunities nationwide.

Workers seeking experience in retail or customer service should take interest in available Conoco jobs. The gas station chain offers employment at various levels, including basic entry-level associate positions, mid-level supervisor jobs, and opportunities in station and operations management. Work environments may vary by location but generally include customer-centric settings requiring regular, face-to-face interaction with patrons in addition to independent tasks, like stocking shelves, tracking inventories, compiling sales data, and facility maintenance.

Gas station chains like Conoco also maintain historically long hours. Most locations impose 24-hour operations, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Applicants must possess open availability and willingness to work irregular schedules upon hire. Basic math skills also prove necessary for employment, as cashiering takes up a majority of daily tasks. Workers must exude friendly and attentive personalities, as well. Typical hiring standards center on age requirements limiting employment to individuals 18 and over. Some stations may drug test or conduct background checks during the hiring process; however, specific procedures for onboarding staff often vary station to station.

Conoco Employment and Pay Scale Information

The gas station jobs available through Conoco require no previous work experience or major skillsets for employment consideration. Upon hire, associates enjoy competitive pay and access to work benefits packages as well as opportunities for advancement into supervisory positions and managerial careers. Locations consistently hire for the following jobs:


  • Each Conoco gas station employs teams of attendants to provide basic customer service and site maintenance.
  • Applicants must hold high school diplomas or GEDs and open schedules in order to fulfill hiring requirements.
  • Typical job duties include ringing up purchases, assisting in sales, stocking merchandise, and cleaning sales floors and bathroom facilities.
  • Workers also take responsibility for loss prevention.
  • Most attendants earn minimum wage at time of hire, with pay scales increasing up to $9.00 or $10.00 an hour over time.


  • In addition to entry-level jobs, Conoco provides room for growth into meaningful, long-term careers.
  • Options available include supervisory and managerial positions.
  • Applicants must hold at least some previous experience in order to qualify for managerial jobs.
  • The gas station chain often looks for past employment in leadership roles or long tenures in retail.
  • Strong organizational and motivational skills improve hiring odds greatly.
  • Managers typically work full-time and maintain more consistent schedules than entry-level employees; however, supervisors assume part-time hours, in most cases.
  • Starting pay begins around $10.00 per hour for supervisors and rises to $25,000 to $30,000 annual salary for station managers.

Tips For Applying

While most gas stations impose no formal hiring requirements, Conoco refueling locations still look for personable and motivated workers during the interview process. Applicants able to arrive at work on time and treat customers with kindness and due attention historically thrive in the role. Most entry-level attendant jobs feature large amounts of downtime, which managers expect associates to fill completing remedial tasks. Diligent, hardworking, and self-starting individuals usually impress hiring managers more than applicants requiring team-oriented settings to perform to potential.

Application Status

The Conoco application process often features paper hiring forms applicants must submit in person at local stations. After completing the forms, job seekers submit the documents and wait to hear back from management. Most managers take a day or two to review applicant information. Successful applicants receive invitation to interview a few days later via telephone, in most cases. Some locations may use email to contact prospective employees; however, a majority of associates report contact made by phone as the main means of confirmation. Workers may contact management in between submitting applications and receiving invitations to interview using telephone or email. In total, the hiring process usually takes about a week to complete.

Benefits of Working at Conoco

Competitive pay scales and flexible scheduling options headline available job benefits for Conoco employees. The gas station chain also provides comprehensive work benefits packages for qualified associates, including:

  • Healthcare options
  • Financial planning assistance, and
  • Time off

Eligible employees enjoy:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Medical
  • Dental and vision insurance plans
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Life insurance
  • Paid vacation and holidays

Workers must generally fall under full-time status in order to qualify for employment benefits packages.

More Information on Conoco

In addition to gasolines, Conoco parent company Phillips 66 manufactures large lines of petro-based chemicals in tandem with Chevron. The partnership, known as Chevron Phillips, produces popular lines of olefins, resins, piping, and chemicals known as aromatics. Motivated gas station employees interested in furthering careers with the international oil company often find roles in various subdivisions of petro-chemical manufacturing or analysis. Chevron Phillips employs more than 4,500 associates worldwide.

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