Conoco Gas Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Conoco

Conoco administers a fairly simple hiring process, with most entry-level job seekers completing each step in no more than a week. After submitting the necessary hiring materials, applicants await contact from gas station managers to set up face-to-face interviews. Most candidates wait three or four days before receiving phone call from hiring managers. Interview formats often vary, depending on job title and location, although applicants should expect to sit with at least one hiring manager before obtaining job offers from the company. Management candidates may participate in panel interviews with several corporate higher-ups and complete various skills assessments before earning hiring consideration and placement at a fuel station. Most interviews last no more than 30 minutes.


The gas station chain conducts job interviews with recruitment officials giving short presentations of the company history, values, and vision. Listen carefully and demonstrate genuine interest in the topic at hand. Applicants who ask questions about work culture and advancement opportunities during the interview may stand out above candidates who sit quietly or act unresponsive.

Common Interview Topics

After introductions, hiring personnel typically probe into interviewee employment background, availability, and customer-service capacity. Some of the common inquiries posed at hiring sessions include, "Tell me a little bit about your previous job; what were your duties there?" and "Can you work nights, weekends, and holidays?"

Additional Conoco Interview Questions

Interviewers may also pose hypothetical questions to see how applicants react in certain situations. Questions like, "How would you handle an aggressive patron?" and "What would you do if a co-worker was slacking off?" help hiring staff see how new associates would deal with scenarios common to the customer service industry. Take a moment to think before responding to inquiries. Candidates should communicate desires to provide great customer care and abide by Conoco regulations and values for each situation.

When Will I Start if Offered a Job?

Managers often clear entry-level candidates to begin work at the end of meetings. New associates may need to submit to criminal background checks and drug testing as the final steps of the hiring process.

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