Consolidated Edison Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Consolidated Edison

The Consolidated Edison hiring process generally takes a few weeks to complete. After submitting the required information to a local branch, applicants participate in a series of group and panel interviews to determine employment status. During the interview process, interviewers ask a series of questions regarding company history, desire to work for the energy company, personal backgrounds, and work ethics. The major utilities company may require some applicants to complete formal background checks and personality tests prior to employment, depending on the position desired. Most workers only attend one interview to gain hiring consideration, even for upper-level or highly technical positions.

Showing Your Worth

Applicants looking for field work with Consolidated Edison may need to prove abilities during the hiring process. Interviewees often need to provide detailed answers to questions like, "How would you ground an access point?" which reflect possible job duties. However, most interview questions revolve around hypothetical situations, such as how candidates get along with fellow employees, past working relationships with bosses or supervisors, or inquiries to gauge personality types.

What Should I Wear?

Wear business-casual clothing to each Consolidated Edison job interview.

Tips to Impress Recruitment Officials

The energy company bases hiring decisions largely on interpersonal behaviors exuded during the interview and academic and/or professional qualifications. Arrive on time and prepared to sit with a hiring representative for at least 30 minutes. Exude confidence while interviewing. Maintain consistent eye contact with the hiring representative and answer interview questions truthfully and clearly to gain hiring consideration. If applicable, expand on previous experience working for a utility company. The interview serves as the appropriate setting to demonstrate a match of the qualifications for the job. Study up on the position and ask questions regarding company culture and advancement opportunities. Follow up with a thank-you email or phone call a few days later to further improve hiring chances.

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