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Swallowed by United Continental Holdings, Inc. in 2012, Continental Airlines job hopefuls may instead pursue a career with United Airlines, which UCH owns and operates as one of the leading airlilnes in the world.

Facts About Working at Continental Airlines

Minimum Age to Work at Continental Airlines: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Continental Airlines?)

Continental Airlines Hours of Operation: Hours vary by position and airport

Available Positions at Continental Airlines: Customer Service Representative, Airline Administrative Support, Flight Attendant, Pilot, Ticket Agent, Security Officer, Air Traffic Controller, Baggage Handler, Cabin Crew Member, Maintenance Technician, Mechanic, Inside Sales Representative, Facilities Technician, Contact Care Consultant, Travel Consultant, Reservations Clerk, Inspector

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Continental Airlines Job Opportunities

As UCH fuses the two airlines together, United reinvents from the ground up, offering full-time and part-time entry-level opportunities to all experience levels. Jobs may exist within all operational components of the travel company, including in-flight, preoperational, or airport positions. Employees may receive discounted travel in addition to other generous benefits as well. The company now provides one of the largest global route networks, including non-stop or one-stop flights to Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

United also commits to diverse and veteran employment. More than 85,000 employees from around the world work for the airline, which joins other leading U.S. companies in an effort to hire 100,000 transitioning service members and military veterans by 2020. Other future endeavors include sustainability and environment friendly efforts.

Continental Airlines Positions and Salary Information

Most positions require applicants stand at least 18 years old. However, many positions remain available to entry-level applicants with a high school diploma as the only other required credential. Prior experience working in similar industries may help candidates land a job such as Liquor Lead; however, applicants providing little-to-no background may still receive job placement in positions such as customer service representative or ramp service employee.

Customer Service Representative – Ensuring quality guest interactions, customer service representatives take responsibility for helping passengers make flight reservations, check-in, board, and resolve complaints. Applicants who deliver courteous and customer-focused attitudes often receive employment. Employees may work in areas such as the ticket counter, gate, baggage service area, international departures and arrivals locations, and red carpet rooms. Candidates should prove capable of operating computers, lifting baggage weighing up to 70lbs., opening and closing aircraft doors, standing for up to four hours, and ensuring compliance with FAA regulations and policies. Before hire, employees must also pass background checks. Upon attaining employment, customer service representatives may receive $10.00 an hour. With more experience, wages may increase to upwards of $24.00 an hour.

Liquor Lead – Providing direction and guidance during daily shift activities associated with preparing alcoholic beverages for flight activity remains the primary duty for liquor leads. Packing and assembling drink kits, completing liquor provision forms, stocking inventory items, and washing catering trolleys also remain as necessary tasks during each shift. Candidates must prove able to work any shift during the week, including weekends, nights, and holidays. Applicants with at least one year of experience working with liquor inventory and supply may receive preferential treatment. Liquor leads often receive pay starting at $10.00 an hour, with the opportunity to obtain wage increases.

Ramp Service -Ramp service employees process baggage between airport facilities and aircrafts in addition to receiving and dispatching aircrafts. Candidates should prove deadline-driven to ensure aircrafts remain on schedule without compromising operational safety. Requirements include the capability to lift up to 70lbs. at a time, load and unload aircrafts, push and pull loaded and empty carts, complete safety checklists, drive and operate motorized equipment, use computers to enter data, operate radios or headsets, and use signaling devices to communicate with flight crews. Applicants should also possess valid driver’s licenses, pass background and physical ability checks, and prove legal authorization to work in the U.S.

Tips For Applying

To apply online, job seekers must first access the company web page and click the Careers tab in the bottom footer. After locating a position of interest on the job postings list, applicants may click the Apply Now icon to begin the job application form. Users must create an account by providing a username, password, and email address. Upon submitting this information and agreeing to the company terms and conditions, applicants access a 14-step submission process. Candidates should set aside ample time to complete the job application. However, failure to finish a form during one sitting does not penalize applicants. Instead, job hopefuls may return to the form at a later date. Hiring managers only review forms with all categories completed, including the resume, job preference, personal information, experience and education, background check, and other areas. The company website also provides tips for resume writing, which job hopefuls should utilize prior to submitting a document to ensure the submission of all information the company seeks.

Application Status

Job hopefuls should note candidates must pass drug testing in accordance with federal regulations and corporate policies. Hiring managers may contact qualifying applicants within a week or two to request an interview. Airline industry job seekers hoping to inquire about the status of a job application may contact the company human resources office via phone call or email, although United may not respond back to all applicants. Job seekers may also apply for more than one position using the online account system.

Benefits of Working at Continental Airlines

United Airlines employees enjoy working for an inclusive, growing company which rewards associates with generous pay and extensive job benefits packages. Eligible employees gain access to work benefits such as travel privileges, performance bonuses, 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacation and sick days, accident, medical, vision and dental insurance, long-term disability plans, and employee discounts.

More Information on Continental Airlines

United Airlines provides opportunities for college students to enter the industry pre-graduation with a paid internship program allowing for intern participation with projects, interaction with division leaders, and inclusion with networking events. Interns in the program enjoy the opportunity to work in different divisions, such as airport operations, communications, engineering, finance, and sales. Interested undergraduates may apply online through the company website.

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  1. Kayla

    I am very interested in working for Continental Airlines. Is there a list of airports that wich Continental flies out of?

  2. Janet Swinson

    Yes, I was in 1974 Flight Attendant class . I received the Golden Service award out of my fellow flight attendants. I was promoted to Inflight Supervisor in 1976, and stayed in that position until 1983, when they ended the job, because of deregulation and reducing the overhead. I loved workinf for Continental. I was proud to be a part of the Continental team. I would have stayed with Continental, but was informed that the flight attendants union would not let me go back to a Flight Attendant, unless I would start all over, and go through the Flight Attendant training and lose my 9 yrs of seniority. I had a chance to open a Champs Sporting Goods store, as the first woman to be an owner and manager of a Champs Sporting Goods store. I wished I had stayed with Continental. I would have had 43 years with a coompany I adored. I wish I could go back. Would love to have another chance!! Don’t know if you have any Flight Attendants, but that would be my first choice. Customer service would at least get me back where I belong. Thank you!


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