Continental Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Continental Airlines

The first step in the hiring process is to apply online. Job hopefuls can find the Continental Airlines application on the company website. Filling out the form correctly takes patience, as candidates should do their best to highlight relevant employment and skills wherever possible.

Next Steps

Applicants who get the attention of managers typically hear back within one to two weeks, though wait time depends on the entry-level position. The interview process may include any combination of online tests, phone interviews, one-on-one in-person screenings, or group job interviews.

Does Continental Airlines Drug Test?

Given the nature of many Continental Airlines jobs, workers must be alert and ready to deal with unique situations at all times. As such, the company must be extra vigilant against drug use. Applicants are likely to be drug tested during the hiring process.

Continental Airlines Interview Process: Remote Screening

There's less pressure when it comes to a remote Continental Airlines job interview. Candidates can dress comfortably and will be in their own environment. This means a little extra effort when preparing can go a long way.

Skill Evaluations

For certain entry-level positions, particularly flight attendant, Continental Airlines may send questionnaires as part of the interview process. To allow hiring managers to choose the best worker for the opening, hopefuls should answer all questions honestly.

Researching the position beforehand is the best way to prep for this screening method.

Phone Interviews

Always reread the job description before speaking with a hiring manager. This helps candidates focus their answers on common Continental Airline interview questions.

Hiring managers are likely to ask the following questions over the phone:

Keep in mind that the goal of these queries is to learn who job hopefuls are as workers. All answers should relate to skills and employment experience.

Continental Airlines Interview Process: In-Person Interviews

For both one-on-one and group interviews, candidates should practice answers to common questions. It never hurts to review the company's values and the duties of the position, either. To make the best possible impression, have multiple physical resume copies for interviewers and a notepad to take notes.

Hopefuls usually have the chance to ask hiring managers questions of their own. Not having any at all communicates a lack of interest, so prepare at least two about company culture and job expectations.

Common In-Person Continental Airlines Interview Questions

Expect to answer one or more of the following more focused interview questions:

How to Dress for Continental Airlines Interviews

What to Wear

Hiring managers expect interviewees to show up in formal business attire. Suits work for both women and men. Dresses are also an option, so long as they are professional and of appropriate length.

Following Up

Even if candidates suspect they will not be offered a position, sending thank you notes to interviewers can make a good impression. This shows that job seekers appreciate the time and resources spent on them during the interview process. Additionally, it helps any candidate that wishes to apply to a Continental Airlines job in the future.


  • Mirriam Cameron says:

    I have a group interview coming up next month, i have no idea what to expect but i am very hopeful about this interview. can you give some tip on how to prepare for this interview?

  • Moses says:

    I am currently working with Qatar Airways as a senior cargo handler, operating the equipment below,
    A forklift, A towing tractor, A transporter, A tug tractor and other ground equipment.
    I have 2 years work experience working with Qatar Airways operating that equipment delivering departure cargo in every bay.
    So I would like to work with Continental Airline, for a better living.

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