Continental Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Continental Airlines

How to Get a Job at Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines screens prospective employees using a multiple-stage hiring process. After personnel receive the appropriate forms for employment consideration, a hiring representative, usually a human resources manager, contacts applicants within a couple weeks to schedule a job interview.

Practices Used to Screen Continental Airlines Applicants

The interview process typically consists of several interviews with current employees ranging from supervisors to human resources representatives. Each round involves question and answer sessions to gauge personality traits, work ethic, and job-related skills. In general, more technical positions like maintenance crew, pilot, and various corporate jobs in IT, require applicants to meet more stringent qualifications and participate in additional interviews.

Examples of Typical Interview Questions

Specific Continental Airlines interview questions mainly regard situational circumstances, such as times individuals dealt with disgruntled customers or how each worker approaches situations in which a fellow employee consistently performed poorly. However, specific interview questions vary by position. For example, interview questions prospective flight attendants might encounter include: "As a customer service employee, what are some things you should not do?" and "Has there ever been a time where you've had to deal with conflict in the workplace?"

How to Align with Company Values

The airline takes pride in offering excellent service and regularly hires workers who demonstrate an exceptional level of service and dedication. Applicants need to demonstrate both professional appearances and attitudes during Continental Airlines job interviews and maintain proper eye with hiring representatives to make lasting impressions. Follow up calls or contact via email also helps generate a lasting impression on potential supervisors and managers.

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  1. Mirriam Cameron

    I have a group interview coming up next month, i have no idea what to expect but i am very hopeful about this interview. can you give some tip on how to prepare for this interview?

  2. Moses

    I am currently working with Qatar Airways as a senior cargo handler, operating the equipment below,
    A forklift, A towing tractor, A transporter, A tug tractor and other ground equipment.
    I have 2 years work experience working with Qatar Airways operating that equipment delivering departure cargo in every bay.
    So I would like to work with Continental Airline, for a better living.


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